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  • Cat in a Scarf Wants to Sell You His Book

    Judging by the scarf he wrote the Harry Potter books too! Cat Bob sits with the coins thrown to street musician James Bowen in London March 13, 2012. Bowen has written a book named “A Street Cat Named Bob” about the experiences of the then homeless pair and how they met. More

  • Cats & Kittens Reading Books (18 Pictures)

    I need to figure out how to get my cat to read more. He either just sits in front of the TV all day watching Big Cat Diary, or goes online to look at LOLcat pictures, which is teaching him horrible grammar and spelling to be honest. More

  • OH MY DOG!!!

    Puppy: I wonder why they call it a ‘pop-up’ book? Oh well, hmm… AHHHH… OH HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS! . .. Captain cute, please zoom and enhance that photo for us! .. . More

  • A Real Page Turner

    He’s reading “To Kill a Mockingbird”, unfortunately for him, it’s not a cookbook. More