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  • Amazing Footage Shows Mama Bear Rushing To Save Her Cub Trapped On A Highway

    Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was driving through Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada, when he spotted something you don’t see every day: a black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the side of a highway. It seems the little cub was stuck, probably after being unable to keep up with his crafty mama, and […] More

  • Hilarious Footage Shows A Panda Take On A Snowman

    Zoo keepers at Toronto Zoo thought they’d have a bit of fun after the recent heavy snowfall in the city by building their resident panda, Da Mao, a massive snowman for company. In this hilarious footage captured by a webcam the zoo set up, Da Mao is seen having a whale of a time with his […] More

  • Bear Takes First Steps Of Freedom After Living In A Cramped Cage For 10 Years

    Freedom is something most of us know and do not often appreciate enough. It’s something most of us have never lived without, it’s something that we’ve had and just understood to be a normal part of our lives. But for animals, freedom is not always guaranteed, even if these beautiful creatures are meant to live free in […] More

  • This Tiny Baby Polar Bear Will Totally Melt Your Heart

    If I could do anything and be anywhere this second- it would probably be at the Toronto Zoo getting some snuggle time with this two-month old polar bear cub. Although they say the weather in the Bahamas is nice this time of year… But then, they don’t have adorable baby polar bears!   Aww. This poor baby just […] More

  • Bear Cubs Stuck In A Tree Trunk Get Set Free

    A woman had heard distant cries for two nights when she decided to follow the sound. The loud cries led her to a tree with holes in the trunk. What she found was a couple of bear cubs who had managed to get stuck inside the trunk. Authorities believe the bears climbed in the holes and debris fell, trapping […] More

  • Playful Panda Just Wants To Have A Good Time

    It’s quite clear that this panda’s only goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. This panda conservation in Japan provides a safe place for the playful little guy to roam and cheekily defy his caretakers! More

  • Baby Chimp And Grizzly Bear Cub are Best Friends

    These two cute little critters have formed a truly great friendship, meet Vali the chimp and Bam Bam the bear. The two live together at a park in South Carolina, where they and their parents were born.     More

  • This is Both Cute and Frightening

    Put Liam Neeson in a bear costume and we have ourselves a block buster. “Gaze upon my cub as much as you see fit. But know this. Just as you may gaze upon him, I gaze upon you. I look into your soul and I only sense fear and false bravado. Come near and we […] More

  • Adorable Bear Cubs Play in a Road

    Mama bear really shouldn’t let them play in the middle of the street. She’s just asking for a visit from Child Protective Services. More