Tag: Bananas

  • This Dachshund Puppy Snacking On A Healthy Banana Is The Cutest Thing Ever

    This insanely cute and tiny Dachshund puppy was in the need for a little snack, and being the health conscious little pup he is, he of course went for a banana! Seeing this precious dog eat his fruit is just what my day needed! Just look at him go. How adorable! I was planning to […] More

  • Happy Corgiween!

    Hot dog corgi: “Okay, so we posed for the picture. Now where are the treats?!” Banana corgi: “I’m a banana!” More

  • Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Bananas!

    We got this little picture sent to us anonymously along with this messsage: My cat Steve when he was a kitten. For some reason he let me pile fruit on top of him. Forgot about this photo til now. And everyone loves kittens 🙂 And oranges. We just want to know how have you got your cat […] More

  • Bunny Eats a Banana

    So, let’s be honest with each other about this video. On one hand, there’s a super cute bunny eating a banana. Being all cute and stuff. But on the other hand the Japanese woman talking baby talk to it might just make your ears bleed a little. You’ve been warned. More

  • Banana Split Cat Eats a Banana

    We promise you Cooper here is dressed up as an innocent ice cream Sunday, and not as a KKK Grand Wizard enjoying a scrumptious banana between Klan meetings. More

  • Kitty Hearts Banana

    Winston the cat is back and this time I’m not sure if his video is even PG 13, I think it is mighty be closer to an R rating. This cat is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! More