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  • Cute Little Baby Girl Has An Amazing Reaction To Seeing Her First Snow

    For many people, snow is an inconvenience. It messes up the roads and makes it almost impossible to get to work on time. And we all know that shoveling is horrible. It’s all just part of one big headache. But at the same time, snow is one of the most beautiful things imaginable, and pretty […] More

  • Dad And Baby Pair Up For A Hilarious ‘O Holy Night’ Lip Dub

    Performing a soothing rendition of a ‘O Holy Night’ at just one month old, this baby seems to have a singing ability far beyond his years. His pitch-perfect rendition of the famous Christmas carol before going to bed will win your heart. Admittedly though, the precious little baby does get a little help from his father, Andrew Killingsworth, […] More

  • Mom Turns Baby Daughter Into A Cute Elf On The Shelf

    At only 9 months old, Esme Cope is too young to understand the magical concept behind the famous ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Christmas decoration and toy. Instead, her parents decided to make her an elf and post a photo of the their daughter in a new location every day. Her Mother Gabi Cope, who is a […] More

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    17 Amazing Photos Of Babies Celebrating Their First Ever Christmas

    Christmas is such a magical time of the year for millions of people around the world, but it’s an extra special time for children. The excitement of anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting things any kid can experience, and even though none of the tiny tots in […] More

  • Baby Tries To Get Bone From Golden Retriever

    Babies and dogs are extremely cute together, but it’s certainly recommended that you always exercise extreme caution in situations like this. This dog is very gentle and highly trained but all dogs have their own personalities. That being said, it sure looks like this adorable little baby has an amazing friend and quite the bodyguard […] More

  • All Babies Agree; Ripping Paper is Hilarious

    In other news: Bank of America hires world’s youngest CFO. Robert B. from the Netherlands sent us this video: Here’s my video I’d like to share with you. I think it has a aaahww factor haha 🙂 It’s me when I was barely one year old. Hope you like it. All the best Thanks Robert, […] More

  • An Interview With a One Year Old

    Arturo Trejo interviews his one-year-old son Jose Luis about his drinking problem (don’t worry, only apple juice) and his mother issues. Although we gotta say, knowing how fancy night time diapers can hold like a metric ton of water, we are a bit disappointed there is no real answer from Jose Luis on how toddlers still manage to pee […] More

  • Dog Really Wants to Meet a Baby

    The dog has this awesome screenplay he just wrote, that the baby would be perfect for a role in…and by the sound of that dog, it’s a movie centred on a train. More

  • Forget the Snowpocalypse, the Adorapocalypse is Here

    The Chosen One who will lead us bravely into our post-Snowpocalytic world! And if you thought your 20-month old was slacking; now you have proof. Massachusetts, February 1: Ilona Chisholm, 13 months, helps her mom shovel snow out of their driveway using a rake. Image via AP More