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  • Sleepy 2-Week-Old Orangutan Baby Clings To Her Mother At Her First Public Debut

    An unnamed baby orangutan, born two weeks ago at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, has just made her first public debut. The 2-week-old clung to her mother for the event and will continue to spend most mornings bonding with her mother until her teenage years. The cute infant can be seen hanging onto her Bornean […] More

  • Gibbons Hilariously Freak Out When They See A Cute Hedgehog Crawling Towards Them

    Have you ever seen a creature and immediately said, “OMG! What is that thing?” You most likely answered yes, given how many strange and odd creatures there are on this big, beautiful planet of ours. Well, us humans aren’t the only ones that feel that way! These two gibbons were absolutely baffled by a small […] More

  • Baby Chimp And Grizzly Bear Cub are Best Friends

    These two cute little critters have formed a truly great friendship, meet Vali the chimp and Bam Bam the bear. The two live together at a park in South Carolina, where they and their parents were born.     More

  • Newborn Baby Orangutans are Adorable

    These Bornean orangutan twins were born last Friday at the Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens. They actually kinda look like little old man babies, or tiny versions of Winston Churchill. Warning: It’s hard to watch this without making high-pitched little noises. More

  • Little Girl is Still Best Buds With an Orangutan

    Back in January we posted about this baby orangutan who had taken a liking to a little girl. Well half a year later and the two of them have grown a bit, but are still the best of friends. Original post can be found here If anyone has any info on this story then feel free […] More

  • Man Reunites with a Gorilla

    Conservationist Damian Aspinall searched for a gorilla named Kwibi he bonded with five years ago during a program to re-introduce animals back into the wild. If only gorillas could use Facebook, this long-winded search would have been so much easier. More

  • Cute Baby Gibbon Born in a Zoo

    That baby gibbon sounds EXACTLY like R2D2 from Star Wars, it’s uncanny. Logging, and accompanying habitat destruction, have turned white cheeked gibbons into an endangered species in the lowland rain forests of Laos and Vietnam. This one at the Minnesota Zoo looks pretty safe, though. More

  • Chimpanzee Cares for White Tiger Cubs

    The chimp better make the most of the friendship now while they are so little and cute. Wouldn’t want to end up as a tasty meal once they grow up a bit More