Oh hi there, have a picture of a cute furry thing you want to share with the World? Well then you’ve come to the right place!

Feel free to send us any cute pictures or videos you have, if they fit our standards and make us go “aww, it’s so cuddly” then we’ll be more than happy to post it.

When submitting try to send us the largest files you have, we can’t post tinie tiny pictures.

Things you can include when submitting (you don’t have to but it’s always nice):

  • Your picture/video obviously, be it the file itself or a link to your submission, for example on YouTube.
  • Any info on the picture/video you have, for example the animal’s name, age, or whatever comes to mind.
  • Your name so we can give you full credit and if you want a link to your blog, page or Twitter profile.
  • Funny captions are also more than welcome.

Submit your files or links to:
And thanks in advance for your submissions. In case we don’t end up using your submission for what ever reason, we really appreciate you taking the time.