Shopkeeper Catches A Squirrel Stealing Chocolate From Her Store

Tasty candies and chocolates have been disappearing from this convenience store for over 5 years, and it was all some cheeky squirrels to blame!

Cindy Kim, whose parents own the Luke’s Grocery in Toronto, Canada, says it all started when her father began feeding the birds outside the shop and left some seeds for the squirrels too.

“I suppose they [got] used to coming to our store for food. But those seeds don’t last forever. So I think they started robbing us,” Kim said.

If you think it was a relief to find out it wasn’t a human thieving all the goodies, you’re wrong. “It’s difficult to catch them in the act,” Kim explains, saying that both her parents and even customers have tried to catch the little thieves. By the time one starts reacting, the squirrel is already down the street, stuffing a Kinder Bueno in its mouth.

Kim went on to say: “I gotta admit, though – the squirrel has good taste. Kinder Bueno is seriously good”.

Oh, and they also like Crucnhie Capers. The family don’t know yet how they are going to deal with this furry problem, but for now, the hilarious CCTV videos are available on the Squirrel Steals Chocolate page.

What an adorable problem to have. But before their wallets start hurting too much, I think the shopkeepers should consider putting some loose nuts on the bottom shelf, and hope the squirrels aren’t too hooked on chocolate to turn down healthier treats.