Abused Pot-Bellied Pig Now Adorably Cuddles With New Family After Being Rescued

After suffering through unbelievable abuse, this gentle pot-bellied pig has learned to love again.

A lucky pot-bellied pig has a new chance at life after animal rescuers found him left for dead after having been horrendously beaten with a crowbar.

Koa’s body was covered in gashes and one wound was completely infested with maggots. To save his life, the terrified pig was rushed into emergency surgery at the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital. Koa’s injuries were so serious that doctors actually had to remove one of his ears. After several weeks of recuperating in the hospital, Koa was moved to Happy Trails Sanctuary. A kind family in Medina, Ohio, then heard his story and immediately knew they wanted him to join their family.

After weeks of recovery, Koa now lives happily with his new adoptive a family in Ohio. He spends his days basking in the sun, cuddling with the children and even does tricks like a dog!

Koa loves nothing more than to spend his days running, playing and snuggling with the family’s children, Sophie and Miles. He gives the kids lots of sloppy kisses.