Hilarious Footage Shows A Panda Take On A Snowman

Zoo keepers at Toronto Zoo thought they’d have a bit of fun after the recent heavy snowfall in the city by building their resident panda, Da Mao, a massive snowman for company.

In this hilarious footage captured by a webcam the zoo set up, Da Mao is seen having a whale of a time with his new snowy friend. He starts off by scratching at it and then becomes more adventurous and climbs on top of the snowman.

But tragedy strikes when he falls off, decapitating his new friend! This doesn’t deter Da Mao however, and soon enough he is seen climbing on top of the snowman before losing his balance and adorably tumbling off.

Embarrassed, he launches another attack and then climbs back up on to the body of the snowman, before doing a backflip off it and flopping to the ground yet again.

Guess that settles it. Snowman 2 – Panda 0.