17 Amazing Photos Of Babies Celebrating Their First Ever Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time of the year for millions of people around the world, but it’s an extra special time for children. The excitement of anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting things any kid can experience, and even though none of the tiny tots in these photos are old enough to appreciate the occasion fully, the’re so lucky because all of the magic is about to come.

To mark the beauty of Christmas, we’ve collected some photos of newborn babies in cute and festive costumes. These pictures can definitely melt even the coldest of winters. Just look at these sweet little snowmen and elves!

1) Penguins are always cute. Baby penguins even more so!

Source: MelodysMakings / Etsy

2) Aww. These two look like little Weeble stocking stuffers.

Source: christykirklandphoto / Instagram

3) Sleep tight little Santa.

Source: My MoJo Photo / Facebook

4) What you thinking about there little Rudolf?

Source: Sandi Ford

5) The ribbon flying in the air really adds to that winter feeling.

Source: zoehiiglistudio

6) The most adorable “Waiting for Santa” photo ever.

Source: Leanne Curtis Newborn Photography

7) Those gorgeous eyes are taking it all in.

Source: pebblesandpolkadotsphotography

8) The hat’s bobble makes it looks like this baby has a fluffy rabbit tail.

Source: kw-photography

9) Babies really brighten up Christmas.

Source: zoehiiglistudio

10) Like two peas in a pod.

Source: Priscilla Cork Photography

11) I want to be this comfortable once in my adult life.

Source: myonlysunshinephoto

12) The baby looks like he’s just woke up and saw Santa!

Source: Luisa Dunn Photography

13) Forget about the man in the moon. This is the baby in the moon.

Source: zoehiiglistudio

14) Our little ones are joy.

Source: Willow Baby Photography

15) Cutest Chritmas tree ever!

Source: OKAMommy / Etsy

16) Completely at peace next to a good friend.

Source: luisadunnphotography / Instagram

17) I want an adult sized version of that adorable hat!

Source: VioletandSassafras / Etsy