Munchkin Cat Learns to Stand Upright

Will the real Munchkin cat please stand up!

Beibei, a kitty living in Singapore, has a tendency to check out his surroundings as meerkats do. Jimmy Leo, the 4-year-old feline’s owner, first noticed his cat’s tendency to stand on its hindquarters when it was a kitten. “He does it with consummate ease,”.

“I initially brushed it off but when he stood longer for some time, especially when eying lizards on the ceiling or high wall, I started to laugh and wonder,” Leo continues.

Beibei’s longest stint on his hind quarters is about five minutes. “He could probably stand longer but I would be the one getting tired first,” Leo jokes. While Leo has never seen Beibei walk bipedally, he has seen him take a half step forward or back to get a better look at something.