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Mama Kitty Nurses a Bunch of Kittens and Puppies

So those are Pupittens. Or maybe Kittepies.

Read the story after the picture.

A Siamese cat named Amanda, owned by Debbie Girting from Beaver, Pa., nurses her two newborn kittens and an orphaned litter of puppies. Amanda gave birth to three kittens March 7; one sadly was undersized and died. Girting’s Maltese Pomeranian dog, Lucy, gave birth to seven healthy pups on the same day. But on March 11, Lucy died and Amanda was nice enough to take on the orphaned puppies. She is now nursing all seven puppies and her two kittens.

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  • Emily

    that lil guy on the right corner looks like a chinchilla!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FCLPMTPY3UDP5O4Y2A3RZAZWWM Krystal C

    Seven poms out of one litter? Omg. No wonder the poor thing died. Poms hardly ever have more than four at a time. Poor little thing.