Amazing Footage Shows Mama Bear Rushing To Save Her Cub Trapped On A Highway

Tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was driving through Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada, when he spotted something you don’t see every day: a black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the side of a highway.

It seems the little cub was stuck, probably after being unable to keep up with his crafty mama, and the situation could have gotten dicey fast. If the little one walked the wrong way, he’d step right in front of a moving vehicle!

Ricky, stunned by this sight, decided to stop his car and film the cute cub. After some time, the cub’s mother suddenly appeared from behind the concrete road barrier and hauled her reckless little cub to safety.

Mama bear instinctively knew her little baby wasn’t safe. I sure hope she gave the little rascal a good scolding after this.