Koala Covered In Prickles Gets Saved By A Kind Man With A Brush

There’s nothing worse than an itch that you just can’t scratch. But fortunately for this prickle-covered koala, a man with a hairbrush was on hand to help.

One December morning, Bruce Atkinson was on his way out the door to get breakfast. Standing on his front porch, he noticed a disheveled koala bear approaching him, covered in prickly burrs. Atkinson quickly tried to offer the koala a bowl of water, but the koala swiftly batted it away, as koalas get their water solely from eucalyptus leaves.

Bruce Atkinson then tried his best to clean her up a bit, grabbing a brush and brushing her from head to toe, a treatment she seemed to enjoy. Bruce Atkinson says a wildlife officer suggested the koala may have been trying to escape the advances of the males in the area, who tend to get a little bit frisky this time of year due to mating season.

Atkinson was able to remove most of the burs, and according to him, he and the koala are now “good mates.”

He said: “I was just amazed that the koala seemed smart enough to realize that I was trying to help him and I could not believe how quickly he went from being agro to letting me pet and tickle under chin. She had a good feed of gum leaves last night and headed off into the bush again in the early morning hours.”

That’s one smart koala. Hopefully she comes back for a manicure soon – those nails are looking fierce!

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