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Growing Up, a Tale of Three Dogs

Clearly this Cocker Spaniel is a mastermind playing the long game – train ‘em up when they’re cute and cuddly and eventually… two loyal bodyguards!

“I’m SOOO tired. These things will be the death of me. Why? Why master? Was I not enough? I need a nap.”

“Yikes! These two could beat me up anytime. Show no weakness. Sure, I stepped on ya every now and then. No hard feelings, right pals? pals…”

“Not too shabby… They are stong, fit, fast… Not too shabby at all…”

“Hey you over there, yes you! What are you looking at? Me and MY WOLVES?! I COMMAND SNOW WOLVES! Better keep walking pal!”

“And so I came to rule all the land, and it was good. My trusty warriors, Noble and Loyal at my side. I have vanquished my enemies with their aid, and now am a good and caring King.”

  • Anon