Gibbons Hilariously Freak Out When They See A Cute Hedgehog Crawling Towards Them

Have you ever seen a creature and immediately said, “OMG! What is that thing?”

You most likely answered yes, given how many strange and odd creatures there are on this big, beautiful planet of ours. Well, us humans aren’t the only ones that feel that way!

These two gibbons were absolutely baffled by a small little creature crawling by their enclosure. It wasn’t some large predator or a poisonous snake, it was just a cute little hedgehog!

The apes, filmed earlier this year at the Lake District Wildlife Park in Keswick, England, were seen peering at the hedgehog before running away.

Despite the adorable panic and intrigue from the apes, they don’t seem to realize there is a wire fence separating them from the harmless little creature.

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