This Pug Gets Super Excited Once He Realizes Where His Owner Has Taken Him

This pug is all of us in our favorite store.

Dogs are great at identifying words and associating them with people, places, and things. That’s how they’re able to learn their name, how to sit, and perform other tricks. When a person says certain key words, their canine companion can usually react accordingly.

When this Captain the pug found out that he was going to PetSmart, his reaction was both expected and priceless.

After his owner finally able to get him to calm down enough to be let out of the car — chuckling, as would any of us — Captain very nearly drags him through the doors of the building where he begins walking around frantically, evidently looking for nothing in particular.

Dogs have a special brand of excitement that cannot be matched by humans. I wish I would get that excited about anything!

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