16 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

If these adorable dogs doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will.

When the holiday season rolls around, so do holiday parties. And you know what that means, right? Silly/ugly Christmas sweaters!

Christmas sweaters are notorious for being itchy, scratchy and just generally horrible. They’re also famous for being rather uncomfortable and quite horrendous. But that’s kinda what makes them so much fun!

Well. Fun for us humans anyways. I’m not quite sure if all of these dogs are on the same page as us when it comes to their Christmas sweaters…

1) That under-bite is hilarious. And as Christmas sweaters go, this one is quite fashionable.

Source: Reddit

2) This little sweetie makes one adorable raindeer.

Source: Reddit

3) “What ya looking at. I think I look quite good.”

Source: Reddit

4) This is one dog that does NOT look happy with his new Christmas sweater…

Source: Reddit

5) “What did I do to deserve this shame.”

Source: Twitter

6) “I don’t know if I like this or not…”

Source: Twitter

7) This pup looks quite stylish. The smiling raindeer totally makes this sweater.

Source: Twitter

8) The older gentleman’s Christmas sweater.

Source: Twitter

9) “I’ll get you for this. Well, I’ll get your favorite slippers for this!”

Source: Twitter

10) “Mom? Why must you do this to me every Christmas?”

Source: Flickr

11) Totally rocking that look!

Source: edgecastcdn.net

12) Puppy’s first Christmas sweater.

Source: Imgur

13) “Hey ladies. I’m single!”

Source: Small Dog Clothing

14) Green and red. The classic Christmas look.

Source: Flickr

15) “I better get some tasty treats when all of this is over.”

Source: Flickr

16) Santa dog won’t be bringing his owners any presents this Christmas.

Source: Flickr

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