Boy Who Can’t Speak Forms Incredible Bond With A Deaf Dog Through Sign Language

Sometimes in life, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find your soulmate. And for one little boy, that is exactly what happened.

6-year-old Connor Guillet is nonverbal due to a genetic disorder, but he does know how to communicate using sign language.

A few weeks ago, his mom Brandi attended an event for boxer dogs that were up for adoption. She met 3-year-old Ellie, who is deaf, but one of the rescue workers told her the dog understands sign language. Brandi thought Ellie would make a great friend for her son and her theory was confirmed once they two met for the first time.

The pair have quickly become completely inseparable. They play tug of war, run up and down the slide in the back garden and cuddle on the couch together.

Connor has found a friend he can relate to.