Dairy Cows Jump For Joy After Seeing Sky And Grass For The First Time In 6 Months

There are plenty of people out there who honestly believe that farm animals, and animals in general, aren’t capable of feeling happiness or expressing joy. But when you see this group of cows genuinely celebrating seeing grass for the first time in six months, it becomes obvious that these beautiful animals are actually happy!

The video filmed in The Netherlands shows the moment these dairy cows are released from their barn to pasture after a long and cold winter. After spending half the year indoors they finally get a bit of fresh air once summer rolls around. After being pent up for so long, they tend to go a little stir-crazy, so the Dutch have made an event out of setting the cows free. Watch as they literally jump for joy!

I just love how these big babies act like puppies running to play outside for the very first time!