Corgi Cross Breeds Are Cute (25 Pictures)

The other day we showed you an adorable picture of a Corgi/Husky mixed dog (1st picture below), and we got thinking, what other aww-inducing Corgi mixed breeds are there?

Well we found out that it doesn’t really matter what dog you breed with a corgi, the result is a cute overdose!

1. Corgi/Husky

2. Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog


3. Corgi/Australian Shepherd

4. Corgi/Basset Hound

5. Corgi/Beagle

6. Corgi/Black Lab

7. Corgi/Border Collie

8. Corgi/Chihuahua

9. Corgi/Chow


10. Corgi/Cockapoo

11. Corgi/Dachshund

12. Corgi/Dalmation

13. Corgi/English Bulldog

14. Corgi/German Sheppard

15. Corgi/Golden Retriever

16. Corgi/Jack Russell

17. Corgi/Long Haired Dachshund


18. Corgi/Papillon

19. Corgi/Pomeranian

20. Corgi/Pug

21. Corgi/Sheltie

22. Corgi/Shiba Inu

23. Corgi/Toy Poodle

24. Corgi/Westie

25. Corgi/Yorkie

  • Mills Vicky0

    1st yea

  • Bryan Wood

    I love corgis. This is great. So many cute ones

  • who

    Boy those Corgis sleep around!

  • Chloe

    We have the cutest corgi/shi tsu cross. Not very common but turned out to be a good

  • Michelle Matheny

    awesome. we had a corgi/sheltie, and she was the best!

  • Fiandpoppy

    pretty sure 24. is a corgi and a scottie? westies are white

  • Anon

    That’s not a basset/corgi. That’s a drever.

  • saynotocrossbreeds

    Sure, they’re cute, but most of them will have terrible health problems and be in pain for most of their lives.

  • saynotopurebreeds

    So if you’re against crossbreeding, I assume the means you’re pro-purebreeding? Everyone knows purebreeds have more health problems than crosses.

  • Gilles Carnivi

    Wrong. Depending on the breed and overall health of the dog itself, it doesn’t mean a purebreed will have “more health problems”. An ignorant statement saying, “Everyone knows purebreeds have more health problems than crosses.” It depends on the dog.

    I can’t stand crossbreeds. It’s the stupid public that thinks it will be cute to cross breed rare/expensive dogs together and make a “unique” breed. It’s a fucking mutt. -and it fucks up the breed. And it’s all for the sake of money. It’s pisses me off.

  • Gilles is a dumbass

    Um you do know that most of the purebreeds in the first place are so called “mutts.” Almost all dogs are crossbreeds. And how does it “fuck up the breed?” It’s not like you’re going to have a Husky mate with a corgi/husky. That would be stupid. So before you start, raging on people and saying you’re pissed off and calling peoples statements ignorant, think. 

    P.S. Yes most purebreds have more health problems… DUMBASS.

  • Relaxx :)

    While a lot of purebreeds do have known problems, can’t you see where breeding a dachsund (known for back problems) and a corgi (also known for back problems) would be a bad idea? 

    Also calling someone out on “raging” which in my opinion he wasn’t, and then calling them a dumbass is highly hypocritical and makes you look kind of pathetic. No need to be an internet tough guy when you’re defending your point if it’s as valid as you make it seem. 

  • cares about dogs health

    You might try some real news on the subject:

    or some science:

    Most purebred breeds have no more genetic range within the pedigree than human first cousins. This is why purebreds have so many health problems. If you cross two dogs of more distant pedigree, you introduce all sorts of new genes into the offspring, and the result is a heartier, healthier dog.

  • Becky

    These are adorable!
    Sad to see so many overweight though 🙁
    Mutts, purebreds, all are adorable, but they still need to be exercised regardless of size 🙂
    I still want one though 😛

  • koko

    love how they are just the other breed shaped like a corgi!

  • save a great mutt

    You got something against mutts, pal? 😉  Just because an owner knows what breeds contributed to their dog doesn’t mean it was a Designer Dog.  I see dogs like this (and so-called-purebreeds) in shelters all the time, and they’re almost all from accidental matings. 

    While I agree the Designer Dog fad is a rip-off, I would never agree that mixed breeds are *damaging* legit lines, and while I also have nothing against responsible purebreeds, I would also never argue that they are healthier than a mutt — bad purebreeding practices are far more responsible for crippling health problems “for the sake of money” than any mix, intentional or no.

    One thing’s for sure: these dogs are ADORABLE.  I’d bet a lot of them are rescues, which makes the list even more heartwarming since these funny-looking guys all seemed to have found a loving home.

  • Back problems x back problems does not equal twice as many back problems. This is genetics, not mathematics. 

  • These are amazing crossbreed. They all look adorable and they still look like a corgi. The one I love the most is the husky x corrgi

  • saynotopurebreeds

    Purebreeds are statistically more likely to have health problems. There are reasons why we’re not allowed to reproduce with our first cousins. You need to chill out and actually read up on the subject before you start angrily commenting on things you know nothing about.

    Of course, there’s always the chance that you DO know what you’re talking about and you’re just incredibly biased.

  • Cz

    eso no es lindo para nada, estan experimentando con animales haciendo que probablemente tangan problams mas adelante, eso es crueldad animal, cada dia el humano esta haciendo nuevas especies sin pensar en las consecuencias (de comportamiendo, fisicos, fisiologicos, etc)

  • Cz

    that is not nice at all, are experimenting with making animalsprobably have problams later, this is animal cruelty, each day a human is doing new species without considering the consequences (of behav, physical, physiological, etc.)

  • woahhnelly

    I’ve got to support his first paragraph here – a responsible breeder is breeding for health and temperament, first and foremost. There are a ton of genetic health tests and breeding partners are carefully selected on which pair will most likely yield the healthiest puppies. It sucks that there are people breeding solely on appearance or for money, but not all are. Avoid absolutes – ‘never,’ ‘always,’ ‘everyone,’ etc. – because this subject is NOT black and white. There is a lot of grey area.
    However, the only reason I’d be against intentional crossbreeding is all of the dogs in shelters that are being murdered (I refuse to use ‘euthanise’ when talking about a perfectly healthy animal) daily.

  • re: m.s. smith

    Nope, not “twice as many,” but definitely twice as likely to suffer from back problems. Many back problems are genetic defects and poor breeding is definitely going to have a negative effect.

  • sayes2crossbreeds

    really….. are you crazy?…..How do you think a pure-breed stays pure? crossbreeding is how strong genetics are passed from generation to generation. (of course size is relative) 

  • aj

    well i love all corgis but love those ones the best

  • Jessica

    They’re not overweight, corgis are quite a stocky breed.
    I had a corgi x foxy and he was quite stocky. Looked weird as hell coz foxys are quite tiny. 😛

  • justlookin

    People have been experimenting with cross breeds of dogs since the beginning of domestication. Most of todays breeds are a combination of other earlier breeds. These mixes become popular and become a new breed eventually. Its going to keep happening forever, so you might as well not let it make you angry and just encourage responsible breeding for healthy dogs that are also good pets.

  • Makeshift Moose

    Wow, just wow. Breeding two different BREEDS of dog is fine, they arent different SPECIES. Unlike the lion x tiger Hybrid a Liger or Tigon these guys can have puppies whereas a lion x tiger cannot as it is the product of two different SPECIES.

  • knick knack paddy whack

    Screw breeding in general!!  Purebreeds, crossbreeds… BOTH are all for the sake of money.  It SICKENS me.  Go to your local municipal animal shelter and look into all the sad, lonely, loving eyes of dogs and puppies who would love to go home with you, but won’t because you’re too stuck up to adopt a “fucking mutt”.  For every dog that is bred, regardless of in a puppy mill or by some fancy schmancy breeder, a dog will be killed in an animal shelter for lack of space.  

  • Femmx

    i was like Awwwww so sweet, then you reed the first comment and ROFL @ Who

  • Sarah

    I love how they all have short legs! That’s what makes them adorable! 🙂

  • Darksinergy

    Sorry, but give me a normal corgi any day. IMO, those are just ugly mutts. 

  • mewmedia15

     Anybody know what breed is in the back of number 13?

  • chow?

    Looks like a Chow to me

  • Window_flower

    I have a Corgi/French Bull dog And his name is Corky!!

  • Saturnsdesperado

    Corgie Pitbull 

  • Saturnsdesperado

    Corgie Pitbull 

  • a picture of my sporgi… corgi/japanese spitz cross.

  • ohheygenetics

    A cross between a corgi and a dachsund would not be any more prone to back problems than the offspring of a corgi and a corgi or a dachsund and a dachsund. Whether crossbred or purebred, in all three situations you are mating two dogs whose breed has a high risk of back problems.

  • Elizabeth

    I have a corgi, and he’s quite happy at 25-27 pounds. He doesn’t look like ANY of those. And I had a corgi x GSD and she wasn’t over weight, happy at 30 pounds. The corgi x LH Doxi, corgi x pug, and corgi x chi are all EXTREMELY over weight. 

  • Dee

    I usually find dogs, especially puppies, adorable. However these mixes are quite ugly. I mean Wow. Just for future reference; mixing an ugly dog (corgi) with a beautiful dog (any other breed besides corgi) does not equal a cute dog.

  • I have a Corgi/Pomeranian – her name is Foxy.  Her picture is below!

  • Sis_47

    This is a must see for all dog lovers.
    Pedigree Dogs
    Exposed Full Movie

  • Gfchgjk

    are these even real?!?!?!! they are TOO CUTE

  • Alkaut

    That is a terrible picture of a corgi/pug. I have one and he is definitely not huge like that.

  • Admirer

    HAHAHA your getting this mad its hilarious to read. Ha come on throw more heat on the fire i wanna see you get real angry HAHA Classic!!

  • herpaderpa

    most are cute, bu some of those combos are actually pretty hideous. an ugly dog is almost as bad as an ugly baby. especially when the parents/owners think it’s the most beautiful thing on the planet. ugh.

  • Frank

    this is sick stop now please.

  • Ghod

    so horrible to see dogs that could’ve been so healthy reduced to a pint size version just cause they look cute. crossbreeding is done for all the wrong reasons.

  • Darlene Tait

    Here is our recently deceased Corgi-Pit Bull …. bred on the streets of Loreto, Baja Mexico…

  • Anonymous

    There is a significant difference between purebreds and crossbreeds, and it’s not that one is more popular. To be a purebred dog, and not a crossbreed, two of those crossbred dogs must be able to mate and have puppies of the same breed. Most crossbreeds these days are incapable of this.

  • Anonymous

    There is a significant difference between purebreds and crossbreeds, and it’s not that one is more popular. To be a purebred dog, and not a crossbreed, two of those crossbred dogs must be able to mate and have puppies of the same breed. Most crossbreeds these days are incapable of this.

  • Anonymous

    Species =/= breed.

    Species are merely animals that can reproduce and have the same animal. Breeds are subsets of species.

  • Anonymous

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While you may think these dogs are ugly, that doesn’t mean everyone does.

  • The idea that you shouldn’t mix dogs is just as bad as saying whites and blacks can’t mix.  I mean what the heck is up with all this crazy talk on here.  I love the Corgi/Husky and the Corgi/Shepherd.  I saw a really cute mix of a Min Pin / Dashund awesome cross.

  • dumbfounded

    Your mother is an ugly mutt.

  • Heyystacy

    How the hell do you know they were bred by humans and didnt just do the nasty on thier own terms?

  • Tell me what you got

    How do you get a Liger or Tigon if you say, “Liger or Tigon these guys can have puppies whereas a lion x tiger cannot as it is the product of two different SPECIES”. 

    Why don’t you just think about where domesticated dogs first came from, wolves. How the fuck do you think a Chihuahua came from a wolf? Correct me if I’m wrong, as I am no expert on the animal kingdom but it make sense that the Chihuahua came about by breeding a wolf with some other small mammal. Yes, they may be different mammals or carnivores but every breed that could work is essentially all in one species. A species is usually defined as a group of animals that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. Within a species you have subspecies, which are variations in the animals based on location. For example, a Siberian tiger and a Bengal tiger are the same species – they are both tigers – but there are differences in their populations due to them adapting to their particular environments. These differences denote them as different subspecies, but they are not different enough to be considered different species – they can still breed and produce fertile offspring. All dogs are carnivores, making it clear that although all dog species look very different, they all can be in the same breeding pool. 

    Many different dogs came from wolves, foxes, or coyotes. The different subspecies breed with other carnivores giving you the various different types of dogs you have today. Getting to my point, technically no dog is “pure breed”. Any domesticated dog you see was breed from two different subspecies. Also, if you think making new types of dogs is wrong, you think all creation of dogs is wrong. Read above. Many smaller dogs were breed for such tasks as getting into small spaces such as pipes to kill rats and other vermin. Every dog has a purpose and to say that it is ethically wrong to breed is saying biology is wrong. 

    One last point, if any of you every saw one of these animals roaming the streets, I’m sure of it that every single one of you would at least think of the innocent animal. Stop saying their ugly because I personally think that humans are ugly, disgusting, stupid, and powerless bastards. No wonder we die off so easily by animals.

    On a side note: I do not condone any forced breeding of any animal; humans and animals alike should be able to reproduce on their own terms.

    Enjoy 🙂

  • tell me what you got

    Oh, and also, do not ask if I am saying that if all carnivores can mate then why can’t humans mate with dogs. The answer is simple, although both are mammals and carnivores but humans are Homo Sapiens, their own little species.

  • tell me what you got1

    And before you ask me why dogs and humans can’t mate since they are both carnivores and mammals, the answer is simple. Humans are part of the Homo Sapiens, their own little species. If you didn’t already know that.

  • Artsaves92

    I have a Corgi/Black lab, and there’s really no need for me to post his picture because he looks completely identical to the one above! 😀

  • Burger Dawg

    Every single one of these dogs are just adorable. I hope they’re healthy. 

  • wow!!! those dogs are soooooo cute!!!=) they made my day

  • Lunarilily28

    Man! I had no idea there was so much corgi-breed mixing going on. I happen to have a Corgi-German Shepherd mix myself and I always get questions like “which one was the mother and which one the father?” Or, “Geez, I feel sorry for the Mom if she was the Corgi…” I adopted Priddy Girl from a local rescue shelter when she was a year or so old, so I have no idea if it matters which breed is the male or female when producing Corgi mixes.

  • fielding

    The chihuahua did not come about by crossing two different species.  It came about because genes are connected to other genes.  So by selecting for different personality/temperament traits within wolves, for example, you are inadvertently selecting out other genetic traits (size, coloration, etc.).  Over long periods of time, that particular temperament of dog will look completely different than, say, a dog that was bred for a shorter, more stout body.  So it isn’t crossing species, it’s just favoring specific traits.  You see the same thing naturally in other animals too, due to things like female selection.  If, say, stalk-eyed flies think it’s really “sexy” to have long eye stalks, then over time, males will have longer and longer eye stalks.  Keep in mind that these also cause problems for those males (i.e. more visible to predators, etc.).

    Additionally, domestication in the first place causes dramatic changes.  Humans and dogs have been coevolving for quite a while now, and scientists are now questioning if dogs domesticated humans.  It may sound silly, but if you think about it, a lot of “infantile” animals (i.e. the cute ones, like baby seals) are ones that we find “cute” because they are baby-like.  It’s like a natural human instinct.  I am not saying that our love for, or your love for animals is completely biological.  That isn’t true, and would be a depressing way of looking at things.  But, I am curious about your thoughts toward the ethical treatment of insects.  They are just as much alive as humans, but many people have a hard time relating to them because, well, they aren’t really like us.

    All I’m trying to say is that even if you think that animals should reproduce on their own terms, sexually selected genetic traits still come about (and I think it is likely that some of those dogs chose to mate with one another above).

    As for your opinion of humans.. I don’t think that it is fair to generalize every human on this planet like that.  We all have different views and experiences.  I agree that as a species we have made drastic, and many horrific, changes to the global landscape, including flora and fauna.  However, to say that humans “die so easily by animals” is just not true.  I’m just going to leave you with the reminder that there are countless other animals that use tools, to some capacity, to optimize their survival strategies (i.e. dolphin sponging, birds constructing picks, etc.).

  • lll

    I still think there is a immense amount of biology involved in the creation of different dogs see as though a diego and some other form of a dog can mate. Diego’s were around at the prime of the wolf. But I do agree with your point being made that many dogs were initially created from being taught to do a specific activity. However, seeing how different dogs were created from humans training them to do different things, I disagree with the statement that dogs domesticated humans FIRST. Although there may have been many instances where man has learned from dog, man first taught dog how to do everything it is known for. 

    As for the ethical treatment of insects, I treat them like every other living thing. Just because there is an abundance of them does not mean that they are treated differently, it just means that they are more prone to be subject to cruelty. Lets say there was a bug in my house, I’m going to kill it. Likewise, if there was a lion in my house, I would try everything in my power to kill it. Even though both statements sound heartless, as is anything that involves killing but as a right mind, I am going to be scared. I am scared of bugs as I am scared of lions. However, I still enjoy the presence of both because without them there could be global changes to the environment. That is all I have to say about that, but I’m not sure I entirely understand your question. I don’t really understand how insects are not ethically treated. 

    I understand that animals still produce by themselves, some of the dogs included above, but the point was suppose to be taken as, don’t tolerate or encourage ideas such as puppy mills or incest breeding by people. Many animals have many problems later in life because of the audacity of some to make a quick buck in breeding out of the same family many times. This may occur naturally but more than likely, it would not happen over and over within the same kids and parents.

    For the most part, many people are exactly how I described. We have weird and lengthy limbs, we walk on two legs, unlike most animals if not all, we destroy natural wonders and beauties, we do not know when enough is enough, and we cannot seem to grasp the concept that if we stopped forcing our way through everything that maybe things would work out. For the part, “die so easily by animals”, we do. Cars hit deer every day, 24 hours. Sharks eat humans because they are swimming in their home. 

  • Sweetalien09

    first, in regard to the overweight thing: you have to consider the breeding: some dogs are stockier than others and can appear to be overweight.
    Second: some of the dogs look a bit odd
    Third (and most important): I WANT ONE OF EACH!!!! Their quarkiness makes them so cute! 😀

  • Kimberly T.

    Omg, it’s like they took all these breeds and made them even cuter by making them short! A few of them are a little funny looking, but still cute. The Corgi/Husky, Corgi/Australian Shepherd and the Corgi/Chow are my favourites. I’d love a Corgi/Chow. These are all adorable! 

  • Baimee

    That is not at all the same thing.

    Here’s the deal. Really good breeders breed for health and temperament. They also breed for a purpose. Either show (which is full of isses imo in some breeds) or sport, or, in some cases service (like original labradoodles) They don’t breed puppies because ‘they’re cute’. They breed dogs that fit the original purpose they were made. They also do this with CAREFUL CAREFUL planning. They do genetic health tests, for one. They also only breed their bitches a select number of times.

    The other thing about this is they have people lined up for these dogs. They aren’t puppies to be sold for profit, ultimately. It’s for a beautiful example of the breed. The problem with mutts is that it’s difficult to place them in homes reliably. If you have 10 friends that are CERTAINLY going to get a puppy that’s one thing. That usually isn’t the case.

    Responsible breeders don’t breed these mutts. There wouldn’t be a purpose. No sense of pride. BYBs breed these dogs.

    If people are going to purposefully breed mutts then the least they can do is health-test. Sigh.

    BTW, I have a mutt. He’s half basset and half flatty. He was dumped in a shelter.

  • So cute!

    It is now my mission in life to own a corgi/beagle.

  • hah uhm

    … I’m glad that most of the comments don’t consider that sometimes, without the help of a breeder (responsible or not), dogs just hump each other and make puppies (adorable puppies!).

  • somethingsmellsfishy

    If you’re against intentional crossbreeding because of all the dogs in shelters being murdered, why aren’t you against intentional purebreeding, too? Intentional breeding, period, contributes to dogs being murdered in shelters. 

  • sad.

    Responsible people don’t intentionally breed their dogs at all. While a purebred puppy is being sold for $400, a ton of sweet mutts are dying in shelters. 🙁

  • Guest

    I would just like to say (about the two legs thing) that birds walk on two legs (or, with the small ones, hop). Obvious ones are the ostrich, emu, secretarybird, etc.

  •  Pues si, si lomas estaban experimentando esta malo, pero tambien es posible que estos perros lomas se crearon en accidente, como que un corgi se escapo y… lo hizo con otro perro.

    Pero si entiendo lo que estas diciendo, y no es exactamente bien si un dueno lomas crio un perro sin pensar en los consequencias porque “era lindo” y porque no quiso a rescatar un chucho.

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  • AACOS72

    This is just disturbingly sick

  • noah

    I’ve met plenty of breeders. I wonder what magical world you live in where they do everything you’re talking about. 

  • Milu_elbarbaro

    HORRIBLE! These are not dogs, are disgraceful beings!

  • Whitton1

    i’m pretty sure you can’t breed a corgi with a Husky, Australian shepherd, Lab, German Shepherd, or especially a Chow. good photoshop skills though

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  • Darthemerald

    Some of these are not corgi mixes, merely larger dogs with a form of dwarfism. Lookitup!

  • zolo

    i have a mixed breed pup that looks EXACTLY like the corgi/long haired dachshund (expect a few pounds slimmer)…does anybody know where these photos came from? i would love to find out if the doggie in the picture is kin to my bear 🙂

  • Me

    Just from personal opinion, I have to beg to differ. I’m no dog expert, but from what I’ve experienced with our dogs, cross breeds often have fewer health problems,  more even tempers, and longer life spans because they are not being so inbred.

  • suko12345

    You can. My friend has a Corgidor (Corgi + Labrador). And a lot of breeders have Blue Merle Australian Shephards that they mate with Corgis to make Auggies.

  • Belinda Wisconsin

    Dig Dug is the cutest Corgi cross I know…

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  • dawne

    Look at my Corgi/Whippet!!

  • Ohiosweetiepie

    corgie/ german shepard mix is ADORABLE definetly my next puppy:)

  • Would a Corgi/yorkie cross be a real Corker?

  • Kinsey

    We have what we think is a corgi-chihuahua mix (we adopted him from a shelter). He looks very different from the one shown here, but they’re all cute!

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  • MzKitty

    For those so against crossbreeding because of “contamination” of purebred lines, keep in mind that some pure breeds were created as a result of crossbreeding.

  • XxQueenJayxx

    Corgis get around 😉 Very cute!

  • Shelby Frost

    I have one for you to add! My dog Soozi is a Corgi / Scottish Terrier [:

  • We_werent_fazed

    i have a corgi/american eskimo! i love her, but i would go crazy for a corgi/husky! so cute. 

  • Pups

    Reduced to a pint size version? you’re saying that being a corgi is awful because your small? These dogs would have been tiny, regardless. This dog would have had pups or helped create pups that would have been this size either way. These dogs are simply just a different colour, different face, mildy different temper. This dog isn’t hindered because its tiner. that’s just unfair to say for regular corgi pups.

  • Zach Woodcock

    I had a pug x pom a long time ago, and she gained weight no matter what we did. Pugs have a known breed-wide issue where they tend to hold fat more. Plus, they’ll eat whatever you put in front of them.


    Finally, someone who takes care of their pet accurately. He’s quite handsome too ^^ <3


    It’s just your perspective. I’m not going to insult you, unlike most here, it’s your opinion, but I honestly beg to differ.


    I have a Rat Russel Terrier, (Jack and Rat terrier mixed) that’s mixed with a third of corgi :3 Shes WAYYYYYYYY To tall and lanky though 😉

  • Julaaaayyy3435

    i have  a Dalmation/Corgi…. he is awesomeeeeeeee<3

  • behbow

    hahahah you people are awesome and hilarious. it does not matter if they are mutts or purebred animals will have or not have health problems. and we are just going to ignore the last couple hundred years of us “making” these breeds in the first place? hahaha silly silly people. oh wait i forgot a thousand years ago there was all these different breeds. oh wait no there wasnt. oh thats right for all this time we have bred out the wolf and created all these sub breeds of that original breed to accentuate certain “likeable” traits. hahaha ahhh how hard it is to open and read books hahahaha

  • bubba

    the corgi/pug picture looked fake.

  • Sass4130

    I have a Corgi/Pomeranian that looks exactly like the Corgi/Lab but has white spotted feet.  Love her to death but she chews everything up.  Ate my bedspread & a chair in the LR.  HELP!

  • Asdfasdf

    This needs to be renamed “Top 25 reasons to Spay and Neuter All Corgis”.

  • Sass4130

    Maybe they should spay & neuter you.  I really like my little dog

  • Angels_Hand_2005

    I loved these mixed dogs,, Who Knew??

  • Rwuoti

    a corgi cannot be bred with such a large dog such as a german shepherd or a husky.

  • Ralph

    Well, first of all, crossbreeding rarely is done intentionally.  Secondly, all of the above is bullshit. Many breeds have their flaws because of being ‘overbred’- arthrosis for retrievers/labs/most of the bigger breeds, eye problems for aussies, etc.
    If you’re unlucky, a crossbreed suffers from the combined flaws- physical and psychological- of both breeds he stems from. If you’re lucky, it will combine positive aspects, and you got dog that is just perfect.
    Overbreeding happens a lot tho- you see (hear) many pitbulls having trouble breathing, oversized Rottweilers who need artificial hips or having to be eutanized as young as three, and so on. But that has nothing to do with crossbreeding.

  • Xxxmotchiuotanixxx

    But how many breeders actually do this, is the problem.
    Those who do are very specific about the homes that their puppies go to, and many of them won’t give a puppy away to someone they don’t know very well…because they want to make sure that such a carefully bred dog, that costs so much money to raise as is truly needed, will go to a reliable family.

    No, the best example of not breeding for health is with show lines of German Shepherds. These are the dogs that are supposed to be bred to the utmost degree of perfection, though they, just for aesthetics, bred the dogs to have such a swayback that it interfered with the dog’s walk!

    Thankfully the judges got sick of it and changed the standard to specifically say that GS must have a straight back, but man.
    You know, just because a breeder is a “pro” doesn’t always mean that it’s bred well either.

  • Nibinuriel

    I have two like these:) Breeds?? Well…they are dogs, that much I’m sure of! Lovely temper, nice family dogs both of them. Healthy too! We got really lucky:)

  • Sammers092

    Corgi/Yorkie: Corki

  • Makeshift Moose

    What im talking about is basic biology… Lions and Tigers can have offspring, Liger (born to female tiger) and Tygon (born to female Lion) can not have cubs as it is a hybrid of two different species (Tiger and Lion).

    Another HYBRID is a Mule, donkey crossed with horse, mules are infertile as the donkey and the horse are different Species.
    The Genus is one of the many names for an animal (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species), the GENUS for the lion and the tiger is Panthera, whilst the SPECIES names are different Leo: Lion, Tigris: Tiger, Therefore they are different species and according to geographical and behavioural differences CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT breed.Im not gonna go through the whole chain of breeding different BREEDS of dog to tell you how we got a chihuahua from a wolf (think of it as breeding the smallest wolf with another small wolf to gain a possibly smaller wolf so on and so forth).If humans were to disappear today then all unsuitable dog breeds would eventually die out, leave it long enough and all dogs will eventually revert back to wolves as they are best suited to living in the wild. They would not all turn into say Golden Retrievers as they are not best suited to the wild, if they were then all wolves would eventually look like golden retrievers. Natural selection.

  • Makeshift Moose

    Stop trying to talk about something you know nothing about. Firstly I was disagreeing with the statement that cross-breeding TODAY is wrong. I would never buy a pedigree dog as they are bred inconsiderately and mostly have genetically inherited health problems.

    You are basically agreeing with everything I believe in, i was saying to the person named ‘Cz’ that there is nothing wrong with breeding DOGS (Canis lupus familiaris) with DOGS (Canis lupus familiaris) as long as its isn’t inbreeding for cosmetic reasons (or any other reason)
    Lions and Tigers are different species,  otherwise the Lion would be called an african tiger… But it isnt, its a LION!

    Dogs and dogs are the same species, a big dog is the same species (Canis lupus familiaris) as a small dog.

    Its all about biology yes! Genetics: Is biology.I don’t claim to be all knowing in this area but its basic A-Level biology….

  • Makeshift Moose

    Humans are the only mammals on this planet with the GENUS and SPECIES name of Homo Sapiens 

    “Humans (known taxonomically as Homo sapiens, Latin for “wise man” or “knowing man”) are the only living species in the Homo genus” Genus and species  are different things. Therefore we can only successfully gain FERTILE offspring by mating with another homo sapien. If the homo erectus was still about we could mate with them but our offspring would be INFERTILE and a MUTANT.
    In the classification of humans we are in the ORDER of PRIMATES, this does not mean we can produce healthy fertile offspring with a CHIMPANZEE (even though it is a PRIMATE) because the genetic material within the egg or sperm is so different to ours it just would not be accepted by our sex cells without major problems.

    PLEASE! PLEASE do NOT argue something you know NOTHING about, seriously, as soon as i read your comment: “Correct me if I’m wrong, as I am no expert on the animal kingdom but it make sense that the Chihuahua came about by breeding a wolf with some other small mammal. ” I knew you knew nothing about breeds, genetics, biology or selective breeding.

    You really don’t have to be an expert in ANYTHING to know that that is NOT how it works.

  • Nice pictures! I have corgi dog. his name is jimmy.

  • Britt

    I agree. I want a normal  Welsh Pembroke corgi. The way that Corgis are normally sold is this: If it is damaged- or unshowable- then they are normally sold. Most however run for at least 500.00. They are perfect as is. I would not buy a Corgi half breed for over 150.00.

  • Adorable!!

  • x)

    Keep training her…. that sounds like lab traits to me right there.
    Be persistent and decide on a stable training style. Good luck!

  • Guest

    i have a corgi/dachsund mix

  • Ai

    2nd this.strongly

  • Cj197908

    I have a corgi but im not sure what hes mixed with he looks identical to a red fox but he has the short leggs

  • Web design London

    That is a terrible picture of a corgi/pug. 

    web Design london

  • C8s

    LOL ALL breeds were mixed at one point! AKC does nothing but breed for “looks”  UKC and other kennel club bred pure breeds are healthier than our too often “line” bred AKC dogs.  Every pure breed I have had has had health issues and died reasonable to the breeds expecancy, but our mutts lived longer healthier happier lives

  • C8s

    How about if you don’t like mixed breeds, mutts, designer dogs, whatever you call them, stay out of mutt chats! I stay out of inbred, I mean pure bred threads

  • C8s

    The problem with even responsible pure bred breeding:
    Taking two dogs that are likely to have the same problem and breeding, increasing the chances of passing it.  Then most purebred issues do not show up unti the dog is older, when several litters have been produced.  Life length and older age purebreed issues are not identified until after optimum breeding age.
    And here is a picture of the accidental breeding.  (people picked up stray female, she came into heat and well)

  • C8s

    Tell that to the dogs! My friend had a jack russel be breed by several neighborhood dogs (50-80lbs) and she not only took but easily had the babies. (The boys climbed into her yard when mom was side tracked.)

  • We have a corgi/beagle mix, but unlike the one pictured above, she has floppy ears and none of the black beagle markings.

  • Bella

    I have a corgi(some people just see her as a dahcshund, but she’s a corgi) that is a mix between a corgi and chihuahua! She is ADORABLE

  • Sonyavay

    can u show a baby lion dog 

  • A corgi looks like shit compared to a purebred american bulldog, get your shit straight

  • Dirtbikernca2

    All dogs are tucking must there all mixed with something along the line for the same tucking reason now a days to look cute so get over yourself and your so called full blooded dogs…just because you paid big money don’t mean there any better then my muts. Im a proud owner of two corgi Aussie mixes and one chiuahuah????????

  • dog lover

    Since when is it acceptable to put such rude, foul-mouthed comments in a chat??? Clean up your language, or keep it to yourself….it is not welcome and shows how much you DON’T know!

  • Brock66

    i have had a corgi/shepherd/husky mix for over 13 years and what a good girl she has always been—she has the best disposition of any dog i know and she really loves people—i am very lucky to have her in my life!!!

  • Anonymous

    i had the cutest corgi/toypuddle ever he was a lazy boy and loved to run and ride in the car, we loved our dog very much and want another he was hit by a car 1-3-12 and im crushed … looking to get a corgi/toypuddle or a /corgi/westie.

  • RealTalk

    Thats like saying why have your own child when you could go to an orphanage. Don’t hate people for wanting their own ‘new’ pet, most people enjoy the animal when its young and the process of training/watching him grow. Hate the people that sent those other pets to the shelters!

  • Billy

    I had a black speckled Corgi mix.  Most lovable dog I have ever had.  Only problem she chewed up everything we owned.  Well, she disappeared and I have been heartbroken ever since.  Would love to find another one without the chewing habit

  • Anonymous

    Im not trying to be rude or anything but I have to disagree. My dog Marley is a corgi mixed with a german shepherd and she’s just fine a little chunky because I give her too many treats but fine, and we didnt crossbreed her we got her from the pound. I dont think letting animals reproduce is such a bad thing especially when you such a sweet and adorable dog as mine. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    okay, just no on this. Its not bad for her/him to say adopt a pet and its not wrong for you to want to raise your own dog. Although its a little harsh when you compare an orphanage,because having a child is not like going to the closest orphanage and picking out the cutest one then getting a free chew toy with it. And I know you will always deny this but humans will always think of a pet as pet thats why there’s “pure breeds” and “cross breeds” and all this arguing over it,so if really want to jump on the animal rights band-wagon then maybe you should let animals or dogs since this is about dogs decide for themselves who they want to fornicate with, because honestly I dont think they’re picky.

  • wow!!! those dogs are soooooo cute!!

  • Kali Anne

    Those dogs are the cutest things I have ever seen!!

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  • Ewd28

    I don’t think you understand how genetics work. Purebreds suffer from inbreeding because their small gene pool increases the chance of negative recessive genes being passed on to their offspring. Mutts are healthier because they have a larger and more diverse gene pool so the parents are less likely to have the same genetic flaws. 

  • Ewd28

    You know by crossing breeds that’s how they get new dog breeds right? Or are you against the creation of new dog breeds? Should the Australian Shepherd not count as a dog breed since it is only been around for 40 yrs? Also mutts are awesome, some people prefer them to purebreds for  health reasons. Yes, mutts are generally healthier than purebreds. 

  • Cantseeme

    I would just like to point out that most of our pure breed dogs were once cross breed to make what they are. Maybe you should research before you make stupid comments.

  • they’re… too… cute

  • JillianMae

    Thanks for this! I have a Corgi/Pitbull named Bud with one blue eye, one brown… super cute! You really can mix a Corgi with anything!

  • Lovely-genie1

    I just wonder how all these combinations came about. Lol.but they are all so cute!

  • Gina

    I have a Corgi/Wire Haired Jack Russel mix and he is the sweetest dog in the world!

  • Km15711

    I agree that cross breeding that takes place purposefully and for money is wrong. But what’s wrong with a “fucking mutt?”  I have one and he is the greatest dog I have ever owned.  Don’t speak about things you have no idea about. 

  • No

    “I dont think letting animals reproduce is such a bad thing” This is a joke right

  • child-free

    Yes, seriously, why have your own child when there are so many that need to be adopted? It’s selfish. I don’t get breeders in general. 

  • Motocrosssuzuki

    then its not a pure breed then you retard

  • SJG

          You may need to think before you comment on something.  MzKitty was saying that the breeds that people love so much were created through crossbreeding.  Dogs like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were originally much larger, then they were bred with smaller dogs to create a new breed that became the pure breed for which people are willing to pay thousands of dollars.
         Do not call people retarded when you don’t know what you are talking about, or how to use proper English.  When you do that, you are the one that seems like a “retard”.

  • dredub

    Here is my Corgi/Pit Bull! She is adorable and super athletic, and a major sweetheart!

  • keezie

    I had a corgi/beagle.  best. dog. ever. smart, well behaved, loving, and even liked to run rabbits… rip brodie.

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  • stephtastic

    pug corgi mix!! he is adorable and a lover=)

  • We had a corgi/sheltie mix growing up. He was the coolest dog. My parents now own three purebred corgis.

  •  ::facepalm::

    You should probably know what you’re talking about before you go around insulting total strangers.

    I have a black mouth cur who is considered a “purebred” dog even though the cur’s origins are a crossbreeding mess.

  • “We must keep the bloodlines pure!!”

    Really? I mean….really?

    Get real, man. I don advocate intentional “designer breed” crossbreeding, I think it’s stupid, but your obvious prejudice against “fucking mutts” is….well, stupid. I have a black mouth cur. My husband and I adopted him from our local animal shelter thinking he was a lab mix (Oh, gods no! We adopted a mutt! We must be mentally deficient!!)….he’s a great dog, you tool.

  • Jennie Jack

    We have just talked to our vet who says sometimes one cross doent fit the other such as the mouth of one breed doesn’t fit the mouth of the other and thats very expensive to fix. Like the mouth of a collie is trying to fit the mouth of a pug. Recommends a very thorough check and at a least 8 weeks not six as lots of development between 6 and 8 weeks

  • Waite_n4u cabin rental

    corgi/assie/bordiecollie mix is such a wonder part of a family very smart ,loving ways , they can be around small children very personable we had a 16 yr old border collie and the addition of a corgi cross pup was one of the best spark to add back to a family

  • Someday I will have a puppy. I have always loved huskies and corgies, so obviously a corgi/husky is the dog for me and they are SO CUTE I DIE FROM SQUEE

  • Poopoo

    I love the corgishiba inu mix it was ssooooooooooo cute!!!

  • Hello

    hi peps

  • Nana

    I’ll take one of each, please !

  • Danzingqueen17

    i have corgi mini bull terrier looks almost the same! you get the benefits of a little dog with the attitude of a big dog!

  • Danzingqueen17

    depending on the mix they are quite muscular and short so they look heavier than they are mine is 30lbs but she looks bigger just because she so robust.

  • Danzingqueen17

    I have a corgi mini bull terrier! corgis are a perfect mix to the bully breeds

  • Anonymous

    you don’t need the bull terrier for that…

  • Anonymous

     care to provide some proof?

  • Anonymous

    my local shelter gets $400 – $600 per dog!  and, like most of the rescues in the area, are absolutely INSANE about who gets to adopt…after many unsuccessful attempts to rescue dogs i ended up at the breeder – twice.

    shelters and rescue groups need to lighten up a lot!

  • Anonymous

     could be cardigan corgi and westie.

  • Every one of those dogs seems like a diminutive version of a bigger variety – no?

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  • Tmac

     She is such a cuty.  I had a Gorgi and I named her Foxy also.  I miss my dog so much.

  • marly

    Are you pure bred? Or are you a mutt?

  • Melissa

    I had a corgador. Corgi/lab, looked like a mini German Shepherd. 

  • QDN

    Motocrosssuzuki…forget crossbreeding.  You were probably a result of inbreeding.  Idiot.

  • So I’m wondering on the corgi/german shepherd cross… did they have to use a stepstool?

  • Drognan231

    Mutts are often healthier than purebreds because of higher genetic variability.

  • Adams Johnson61

     are you looking for a corgi puppy then you have just found one,it is a male and a female they are so welcoming,love indoor,always around the compound.more details shall be provided when contacted.

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  • Emily

    The Corgi/Dachshund mix looks just like my dog! Thanks for posting. Now I know what he is. 🙂 

  • Millertymerulezz

    I’m not disagreeing with you on people will view a pet as a pet but my dog just died at the vet clinic at 5 yrs old, her father was jack russel and rat terrier and her mother was welsh corgi and possibly blk lab not sure, she had a lab head. But I viewed her as my daughter and she knew who daddy was, my whole family viewed her as my little girl, and i never raised my voice or hit her EVER. Her resting place is by our family sign at the ranch with a headstone. So there are some people that view their “pet” as family and that’s wut goamy was she was family. Plus i can’t stand the adoption commercials you see on tv cause it makes me sad that some one couldn’t put in the effort to raise their pet, that’s jus fucking lazy, my other dog can feed herself if she’s hungry she figured out how to get deer and she’s lab/german shepard/husky and i might b expecting pups early fall and the father was pure breed corgi. And goamy was the best rabbit catcher i ever saw so both my dogs could take care of themselves if need be, so the pets you see on the commercials just had bad owners. I mean no bad blood by this comment just my opinion cause goamy was my little girl and if i have a daughter i hope she’ll be like my dog, self sufficient and strong with no fear.

  • Millertymerulezz

    If anybody has a pic of a pure corgi and a lab/german shepard/husky pup i would like to see what i might be in for come fall.

  • CLehman

    I have a Corgi/Beagle her name is Piper. She is a great dog. well tempered, easy to train. I will post her picture. I love my little lady. 

  • Jamesclift

    I think there are some veins popping in some people’s foreheads that write these posts. Walk it off, go tell your dog about it what ever breed or cross it is. I think people are forgetting what ever the dog looks like (3 legs, no eyes) the beauty of a dog and why we all ended up here is they are our own best friend and don’t complain just hungry to please.!!

  • these snaps are beautiful. i like the last one snap as dog is looking so cute.

  • Wildroses1234


  • Mndsavage2


  • Chihuahuapalooza

    ARE THESE PHOTOSHOOPED?!?!?! Psssshhhhhh ive never seen anything like it! I’LL BE!

  • Leadbylove126

    I love corgis! Too bad I have a rambunctious pitbull that would cause these poor breeds to get slipped discs in their backs. 🙁

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  • Deingeist

    The corgi/westie looks more like a corgi/schnauzer

  • Uneeda Jean

    That is SOOOOO true!  As these people getting so carried away on these sites and calling any mix a MUTT that you should never buy!  They claim that they are all from puppy mills.  I believe th people who write these posts—ARE breeders, not just dog lovers. They just want to steer money to their wallets.

  • Uneeda Jean

    Motocross is probably just trying to make him/her self feel better for paying HUNDREDS for a dog that will cost a fortunue in vet bills and die young.

  • Uneeda Jean

    Right on!  When I was 25 I bought a Yorkie and she lived 8 years. I bought a Keeshond that lived 10 years and cost me a fortune in vet bills. My MUTT (sheppard/chow) that I got from a (OKAY) irresponsible neighbor who let her dog get jumped by another irresponsible neighbors dog : ) has been the best dog I or any of mt friends has ever seen! No health issues and is 15 years old now!

  • eli5genes

    Overbreeding of a small population leads to inbreeding. Inbreeding leads to higher homozygosity in the genome which leads to recessive and potentially harmful traits to be expressed. As long as you breed dogs that do not have the same tendency towards the same disorder, in one generation you will drastically lower the chance of those bad traits being displayed. So for example, if you have one purebred dog whose breed is known for having hip dysplasia but not cataracts and a purebred dog known for having cataracts but not hip dysplasia you will end up with a puppy carrying the alleles for each trait but it wont display the trait except for the small chance that the other dog was carrying a recessive allele. AKA it will most likely be perfectly healthy. If you don’t understand genetics it is easy to believe that cross-breeding would likely create a dog with even more problems, but that isn’t how it works.

  • scnxx

    They are all so beautiful and it would be hard to choose if they were all put before you and you had to choose one…yikes! But, all in all I was partial to the Corgi/Poodle mix and Corgi/Pomeraian mix. But, they are all just as cute as they can be!!!

  • Eileen

    We have a corgi-probably German shepherd mix. Wonderful dog! Smart, loyal, a great companion, good around our grandchildren.

  • Maria Taylor

    Too cute!!!

  • I want a corgi mutt now!

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  • titties


  • Walrus_horns

    I am posting a picture of a corgi and American Staffordshire Terrier that I have had for 12 years named Buffy.

  • Marie Goslar

    Wow not buying the husky/corgi mix pic. It looks like a Westie/Schnauzer/Corgi mix. Also some of the others are inaccurate… Just because a dog is small doesn’t make it a Corgi cross.

  • Monty Windsor

    Hello!I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Monty Windsor and I am a Corgi, which I think is why I like your website so much.Anyway, me and my friend are verging on being famous as we have just taken part in a photoshoot for Baskin Robbins. We weren’t allowed any of the ice cream though, which is a shame it looked so tasty. Bit mean of the humans to eat it in front of us too!We were told that the reason for all the photos and the costumes was because Baskin-Robbins want the humans on this thing called Facebook, to guess who we are dressed as. We felt a little silly at first, but we got into the swing of things!Take a look here!/baskinBRrobbinsUK/app_282842448477675. Baskin-Robbins are showing a different picture to guess every day, and you could win some prizes like free ice cream, an iPad and some cinema tickets. All things us dogs don’t like. But it’s OK, they paid us lots of money; 5 bones. We are rich!Thank you for reading my email!Monty Windsor x

  • Banananutmufin

    I don’t think people understand that when they adopt crossbreeds, the “breeds” they are told it is aren’t necessarily the breeds the dog really is. It’s a loose estimate. It just means the dog has those breed characteristics but most probably its a mix of other breeds or mutts. I have nothing against mutts btw but I am against intentionally crossbreeding simply to get a “cute” puppy. I’m against any intentional breeding at all, unless its done with extreme care and for a bigger purpose than just for the profit of selling “cute” dogs. Too many of these cross and even pure bred dogs end up in shelters, abandoned or killed. Even worse is unintentional breeding, so please spay and neuter your pets!

  • Banananutmufin

    Btw Ive never bought an animal. I’m a rescuer, adopter and foster mom and it feels very rewarding to save a life.

  • Borgi

    I have a corgi/border collie cross (borgi) and she is the best dog ever, so well behaved and she heards wonderfully!!!! Her Picture is below!

  • Eva
  • Cassie04

    My gosh people going on about what’s better, purebred or crossbred… HELLO all dogs are mutt’s! my dogs a mutt, your dogs a mutt, frig the queens dogs a mutt!!!!! how do you think we got all these “breeds” in the first place? Natural and planned crossbreeding (with some inbreeding thrown in).. all dogs are like a stew, have a bit of everything throwm in and pray it turns out ok….

  • SS4852


  • Amanda

    my corgi/spaniel 🙂

  • Oki Doki

    My boyfriend’s mom breeds purebred Golden Retrievers owns a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi male.  She got a litter of the cutest corgi-mix puppies ever.  We kept one.  She is the most intelligent, loyal, and sweetest dog I have ever seen.  She keeps getting requests to breed more of this kind, but the Corgi just passed of old age.  I would do anything in the world to breed more dogs like mine. 

  • Anonymous

    Evolution ftw!

  • Annamae7 Tr

    Wow…I read all these post about purebreds and crossbreeds, all I can say is wow. I have had both, but I didn’t get the purebred because I had to have a purebred and same with the crossbreed. I got my dogs because the moment I saw them I fell in love. Anyway I wanted to say I had a corgi/sheltie mix, her name was Jinx, got her at the local shelter, best dog ever! Had her 15 years and she was a year old when I got her. She was a fun loving, loyal friend and I miss her terribly. I just wanted to share….from a “I don’t care about all that pure/crossbreed stuff, I just love dogs” person!!!

  • Kateqoe

    I have a corgi/pug mix.  Best dog ever!  This is Spike.

  • TexAg

    I would like to know why Teddy, my Corgi/Pit Bull, was not included. He is at least 10x more awesome than any of the dogs here.

  • Corgilvr

    They are all adorable, but please, let’s not start people breeding them on purpose

  • Sarah Hamrick

    Where can i find a corgi/cockapoo?

  • Michael Kulp

    We have a corgi/maltese

  • Noah’sMommy

    I have a Corgi-Papillon (Corillon) named Noah. He’s the love of my life. He’s so smart and well behaved. I take him everywhere. 🙂
    People that don’t really like dogs fall in love with him.

  • SheJackal

    The problems with breeding FOR crossbreeds however are usually the people doing it. “Hybrid Vigor” does not apply to dogs, they are all the same species. When people claim mutts are healthier it is usually because a mutt is not working as hard (and therefore being pushed it it’s physical limit) in sport or real world work and because they aren’t being tested for various health issues (most people with mutts are not checking them for hip displasia if they aren’t showing symptoms and many MANY dogs with hip or skeletal problems show no signs of anything wrong). When looking at working dogs there is general a SIGNIFICANTLY higher chance at getting a solid healthy dog with a good mind if you look at “purebred” or at least pedigreed dogs (which are not always purebred, look at KNVP dogs or alaskan huskies). The advantages of getting a purebred over a mutt is that generally you have a record of what when in to make up that dog which can better let you predict how it comes out. The average pet owner may not care about this but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored and people should cross any old thing together because “it is cute”

    When done correctly crossbreeding or outcrossing is a valuable tool for breeders. However it shouldn’t be for looks alone, it should be for a purpose. The original Labradoodles were for service dogs, specifically for seeing eyes dogs. This is a job that requires a VERY specific temperment (lower drive but solid work ethic and tempermental stability and trainability). This was something that other existing breeds did not consistantly offer in a curly low-shed coat. The labs bred for this purpose did not have the coat but the lab temperment was better suited to the selective breeding to get the ideal seeing eye dog temperment. The poodle was the ideal match. The breed has the intelligence,trainability, and health (provided both parents are tested) to not “dilute” the working ability of the lab but will also bring the proper coat to the table. The poodle does have a tendency to be higher strung with weaker nerves however, something that if very carefully crossed would be countered by the right lab. I would have gone a step further (and I don’t know if they did this) and used a poodle stud with a lab bitch as puppies tend to get more of their temperment from their mother. I also would have selected a poodle stud who probably didn’t do as well in the show ring with thicker bone and a bit less refinement to I didn’t accidently end up with a large breed fine boned puppy.

    Breeding “labradoodles” for pet use makes no sense to me however. If you want a low/non shedding coat with a family friendly temperment get a poodle. The things that make the poodle as a breed unsuitable for seeing eye dogs don’t come into play for a pet so why are we breeding that cross for a pet?

    Another thing is that many of these so called “breeders” who cross breed dogs for the pet industry aren’t even doing it in a way that actually gets anything done. If they were looking to make a new breed there would be careful breeding down through generations to isolate the traits that are desired and breed about potential problems. There have been some people who’ve pushed to do this but this is a minority.

  • SheJackal

    I don’t think you realize how genetics work.

    The conditions that pop up in those small breeding pools also pop up in mutts, why? Well, mutts can be part of small breeding pools (packs of stray dogs, hoarding situations, yard dogs), in addition while a mutt may be less likely to suffer something like the uric acid issues in dalmations many many disorders are not autosomal recessive, it’s not that simple. Done correctly outcrossing and even linebreeding (to some degree) can benefit a breed, most of the designer or street crossbreeds out there…that doesn’t apply.

    The reason people are under the impression that mutts are healthier has a lot to do with the fact they aren’t tested as much and aren’t working as hard. My purebred papered malinois who I work is going to be xrayed, he’s genetically tested for various disorders, and carefully monitored for soundness and temperment. Vets did this without a thought. I also tested my craiglist mutt (won the genetic lottery with him, he’s go a great working temperment), the vets thought i was nuts to spend hundreds of dollars checking out his hips, elbows, thyroid, and heart. I found out he’s actually got a heart condition, never would know that by looking at him (or in a general vet visit) and it probably won’t kill him until he’s around 10 anyway. If he was a stray who bred a random bitch on the street you’d probably never know about the puppies who’d died due to a defect. Hypothetically out of a litter of 8 4 died from a heart defect, 2 died after early on set hip displasia prevented them getting food or slowed them down and they were killed, the SPCA picks up the last 2 who won the genetic lottery and are healthy dogs (who only carry the defect) and those are the ones you adopted from the shelter….

    I’ve also know 100% sound mutts that were xrayed as a preventive measure only to discover their hips were swiss cheese. A few of those stayed normal active family pets (were scrapped from the programs they were be tested to be part of obviously, where they would have done “real” hard work) and were sound their entire life until they passed away of natural causes in their teens. If they have ever been pushed they would have broken down, not something you want coming out of a breeding pool (or adding to it).

  • carol magid

    I have a Corgy German Shepherd I think (one pictured below). 12 yrs ago Corky was 1 of 4 dogs abandoned in the Wash – slept under bridge in heat and rain for 8 months – many fed them but needed rescue – we caught 3, took to vet, placed in good homes but Corky elusive one – ate and ran – no one could get near him – we got a big dog trap, box of fried chicken and voila – caught him – he was so scared and I promised him “you don’t know it, but this is best thing ever happened to you.” we visited him in hospital, he learned to walk on leash and 10 days later when stitches came out we took him home – from ROCKS to RECLINER – he’s still skitish and doesn’t like strangers but to me so loving – kiss & wag – I know he knows I saved his life and I kept my promise – I hope he lives many more years –

    I recently lost a Corgy Cardigan to spleen cancer – he too was a dumped stray in 1999 with a bad attitude – neither Corgy could be trusted with strangers – growl and show teeth – bad lives before I rescued them – but no one ever got hurt cause I cofined them when visitors came.

    Years ago we had a Penbrooke we rescued from Animal Shelter – at a show someone recognized him – former owner gave him away and they turned him in – bad bite – terrible breeders willing to kill a sweet dog cause of a defect – so he too was a love. We named him R. Burton and people on the street would yell “the queen’s dog.”

    Hope most of the beautiful dogs in these pictures are RESCUES too!

  • carol magid

    All real dog lovers say there should be NO breeding – millions being killed at pounds because lack of homes and need life saving rescue – and of course spayed/neutered – dogs not endangered species and as long as so many killed should be rescued and no more breeding overpopulation. Don’t buy while others die. Spay, don’t litter. Breed rescue kennels full of abandoned purebreds of all kinds. I don’t want to hear from breeders with the usual justifications. Happy to say L.A. made it a law all dogs must be fixed (some exceptions) and pet shops not allowed to sell from puppy mills. They can sell rescues – good progress that will spread over the USA.

  • carol magid

    Good for you – that’s what I said above. Breeders say they are responsible and get good homes – homes that could go to a shelter rescue! And how many breed rescue kennels are overpopulated with abandoned “purebreds”. They get more in than they adopt out. No such thing as a RESPONSIBLE breeder!

  • We have a borgi (Border collie/Pembroke corgi) named Lizzy, pictured below. She’s wonderful with all people young to old. She’s got a quieter temperament than most Border collies but has the coloring/marking of her father the Border collie..and the long tail 🙂 She’s a wonderfully smart and loving dog. She’s such a charmer that a good friend got a pup from the next litter and my nephew got another one from a subsequent litter. Corgi mixes are super!

  • haylee

    I have three Dorgi’s right now and one of my females are pregnant:).

  • Mila

    German shepherd is spelled wrong. So is dalmatian.

  • RoseTowne


  • Jean

    I have a Corgi so I have a leaning toward those cute faces and ears when they reappear in the cross breeds…..but come on….these are Corgis we are talking about, they are all cute….

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  • Jonny

    if you’re really hellbent on getting a purebred there’s a chance that you’ll be able to find purebred dogs in shelters anyway that were put their for whatever reason- but honestly, dogs are dogs. If you show a mutt an unconditional amount of love and treat it right it’s going to reciprocate the same and be your best friend, regardless of breed.

  • I just adopted a corgi mix dog that was going to be put down tomorrow for lack of room. She is 5 and a total lady, polite, obedient, well mannered. I don’t know her circumstances but I know she is perfect for me. I have had many pure bred dogs in my lifetime , from a Rottweiler that was backyard bred and the only one in the litter that survived because I was willing to spend the $$ to save him to a papered poodle that had to be put down at the age of 5 because he took to using the beds for bathrooms. I tried from the time I bought him from a breeder til I had him put down and he never made a pet. Medication didn’t even help him so that was $1K down the drain. Pure bred dogs are great if the person adopting them is going to show them but for a general family pet they aren’t always so good. Oh, btw, there were MANY, MANY pure bred dogs at the pound, most were large dogs, too many were Labs and they are going to be destroyed tomorrow. I personally think that NO ONE should be able to breed dogs or cats unless they are for show purposes and they are made to pay a LARGE amount of money for a license to breed and taxed on it. Back yard breeders should be arrested and fined a ridiculous amount of money for it. All pets should be neutered and if not their owners should be fined. No animal should be allowed to live on a chain or in a kennel their entire lives. I’m happy that finally animals have to be tested for heart worms now before they can get their rabies tags. After what I saw today at that animal shelter/pound, I’m ready to start pounding the pavement to get some laws changed.

  • and after the “cute” wears off those puppies end up in the pound to be killed because they ate someone’s shoe.

  • ricky

    i have a corgi male, loocking for female corgi, please contact me at, thanks

  • SnoopDog

    Stupidest analogy ever. Unless of course, you’re having sex with a dog and giving birth to a puppy that’s carrying your genetic makeup. And shelters have puppies as well as adult dogs, so you can enjoy the animal when it’s young, etc…. The only thing I agree with you on is that yes, let’s hate the people who send their dogs to the shelter, unless it’s because they’re dead or something.

  • Blake

    Corgi/paderdale terrier

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  • deafgimp

    Labradoodles are no longer used as guide dogs. Only 24% have a low shed coat or non shed, the rest are various mixes of lab and poodle. My friend’s had the hair length of a poodle and the shedding double coat of a lab. It was a nightmare. They also crap out very early as working guide dogs, because the poodle temperament is just not well suited to making sure blind people don’t kill themselves, as the dog gets too distracted. They aren’t used in Australia, and the various Guide Dog Foundation groups are phasing them out in the US.

  • I have a Corgi/Feist mix. She is mostly black with a little white. Her name is Baby cause she asks like a Baby always wanting attention and to be loved.

  • classicsón

    Dang corgis get around!!!

  • Tiny

    Love the corgie/Shiba Inu!! Totally want one

  • My dog ( see profile photo) is a cardigan corgi mixed with pug and/or Boston terrier. 🙂 He is the best dog ever!

  • Maria

    I love the gorgi German shepherd, no 14. Who is the breader?

  • Dalmatian, with an “A”

  • Cari

    my dog is a corgi yorkie and she is just about the greatest dog. After you train them they are very obedient and loveable. My dog is great around people but doesn’t like too many dogs. She loves walks! I strongly recommend! Here’s her picture:

  • brit

    So, what you are say is that breeding a corgi and a dachshund is just as bad as bedding a dachshund with a dachshund. What’s the issue?

  • Lisa

    The one you say is an Australian Cattle dog corgi mix definitely is not. Where did it get that skull shape and tail? Not to mention the slim build, which neither corgi’s nor cattle dogs have.

    Pretty sure basenji, or some similar breed.

  • If everyone matches LA, it will be nearly impossible to own a dog in this country after a few generations of dogs. I realize PETA’s ultimate goal is to divorce humans from animals as much as possible, but can we PLEASE keep in mind that dogs will not exist without human intervention and not be quite so draconian?

  • Flicker

    I have a corgie/beagle/ sheltie mix and she is the sweetest dog I have ever known

  • Barbie

    Some of these dogs look like they came from the island of Dr. Marrow (sp?). Really creepy! :-/

  • lokicorgi

    a lot of you dont realize that if we neuter every puppy of every breed from now on and ban breeding, that dogs arent like komodo dragons right, if all the gene pools are drained, they will go extinct, are you sure that a world without dogs is better than a world with dogs? im against irresponsible breeding, but breeding is needed to make more dogs to make more dogs, etc etc, bottom line, breedingisnt evil, and neutering orspayin takes away the purpose of life, to ccreate more. so dont come crying to me when all the dogs in the world are sterrile. and cant make more. naturally

  • Jen

    My one-eyed adopted Corgi/Puggle, “Lady” is a gorgeous cross breed!

  • Elizabeth

    I noticed that all the dogs have the body of the corgi rather than varying in shape in size, at least not extremely. Maybe it’s the dominant gene. Anyway, these dogs are adorable! I love the corgi/beagle mix, I want one!!

  • Gen

    Beautiful dogs. These corgi mixes are all uniquely beautiful. What counts above all is the way we give them all the TLC. What’s interesting about these dogs is they get both the qualities of their parents that will result to a dog that’s one-of-a-kind. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • There are plenty of backyard purebred breeders selling whatever “purebred” breed is in fashion at the time with little regard to breed standards or the quality of the dog their breeding. You’ll see these backyard breeders buying a cheap “purebred” and overbreed to the detriment of the breed just to meet demand. Boutique crossbreed dogs are not ideal, but it certainly is no worse than irresponsible breeders overbreeding.

  • Shiloh13

    Corgi Bordercollie…..Borgi

  • i love dog. i vote for Corgi/Golden Retriever.

  • kickan

    I got One! A female named Dixie :3

  • adams johnson

    i have a female yorkshire,smart and active

  • anonymous

    hi I need to know if my dog looks like he has any corgi in him. I was told he a corgi mix.

  • anonymous

    is my dog a corgi mix bedside I was told he was.

  • Jari Leppänen

    That Corgi / Border Collie one looks tragic. Border collie herding instincts and stumps for legs.

  • SuzieQ

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Corgi/Jack Russell girl… She’s the sweetest!

  • SuzieQ

    I think Cojacks are on their way up! ;o)

  • SuzieQ

    (she was a rescue, from a shelter, so win-win!)

  • dfw

    Wow, I hope all you angry, militant people saying everyone who wants a dog is ethically obligated to adopt from a shelter are vegetarians. 150 billion animals (all as alive & capable of feeling pain & love as dogs) killed yearly for human consumption. Think about it!

  • Shinrin Sam. Bros

    I had a husky/golden retriever cross. He was a big 65lbs dog that lived almost 18 years. He had an amazing temperament with the protectiveness of the husky and the gentle nature of a golden retriever. He was highly intelligent, biddable, alert, protective, sweet, loyal and good at treeing squirrels. I think they call this cross a “Goberian”, silly name but he was an awesome dog. Only problem was when he got older he developed a dozen serious health problems 🙁 Mutts, mixed breeds, cross breeds or designer breeds aren’t any healthier than a purebred – it all depends on the linage. A deliberate cross breeding is fine if done correctly by careful selection, health checks, knowing your chosen breeds and breeding for a purpose such as improving health, longevity or creating new temperaments according to whatever task is at hand (herding, working, hunting etc.). Anyway, here’s a picture of my late rescued “Goberian”, Juno, I miss my boy…

  • Illys

    oh my gosh.. xD At one point I had to keep reminding myself that these aren’t just photoshopped photos of corgis! I fell in love with the german shepherd cross. Ah well.

  • Casper

    The corgi/LC dachshund isn’t overweight at all. My dog has the same type of body structure, being that she’s a dachshund terrier mix, and she’s not overweight at all. And yes, that’s according to our veterinarian, a trained professional.

  • Casper

    Letting animals reproduce isn’t some horrible thing. It’s a natural thing that they do, and trying to keep EVERY SINGLE DOG OR CAT from mating is almost inhumane in itself. Yes, there should be a relatively controlled population (i.e. spaying MOST female stray dogs so that there’s no excessive breeding), but don’t stop the species from carrying on entirely!

  • Casper

    People shouldn’t intentionally breed mutts, that’s true, but accidental matings do sometimes happen, so why not just appreciate the good that comes out of it?

  • Casper

    Woah there, what about professionals?

  • Megan

    Aww, that’s my corgi/beagle! Her name is Charlie and she’s a sweetie.

  • Danielle

    i have a corgi/ chihuahua best dog ever. Great with kids, doesn’t bark, super cute and affectionate. Love him! Go rescue dogs! Best decision I ever made!!

  • Rebecca

    The corgi/shiba inu is my dog…not sure where you got that picture from………..

  • pemb

    I can’t agree. Having Corgis for over 42 years, I feel that Corgis are just right as they are–perfect! The need to play the intermix “game” is something that I just don’t get.

  • 23Skiddsy

    You seem to imply that corgis DON’T have herding instincts. Of course, corgis herd cattle, and collies herd sheep, but both herd. Corgis are pretty agile little guys, the short legs are so they can “duck and roll” away from hooves.

  • 23Skiddsy

    The “Corgi/Aussie” looks like a young Cardigan Corgi (Where blue merle is a proper color), and I’m 85% sure the “Corgi/Basset” is really a drever (Which are a proper breed that look like a combination of basset and beagle). There are many real breeds of dogs with the body shape. Drevers, Cardigan Corgis, and Swedish Vallhunds are not crossbreeds.

    Also I’d probably argue the “Cattle Dog” doesn’t have ACD or Corgi in him. The color (roaning) exists in other breeds, like coonhounds.

  • Kylie Dennison

    you’re very right. People act like anything but shelter rescuing is evil but in 20 years you want there to still be dogs right? Maybe if they had it so you had to have a license to breed for like 2 or 3 generations, no more then 30 years that would reduce the over population and make sure only responsible breeders could sell puppies.


    so adorible i have a dachshund corgi and her name is sasha and looks exactly like the number 11 . # AWESOME CUTENESS 4 EVER

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  • PlainsPup

    The term “hybrid vigor” (heterozygosity) does not necessarily refer to hybridizing different species. It’s just an old term meaning that outcrossing results in fitter animals than inbreeding. Actual interspecific hybrids tend to be less healthy than simply well-crossed animals whose parents were members of the same species, but not closely related to each other. Fact is, all else being equal, dogs that are “mutts” (mixed) are healthier than dogs that are “purebred” (inbred), particularly when “line-breeding” (incest) is involved. And when that’s not the case, it’s simply because you can’t reverse 20 generations of incest overnight. In that case, it will take several generations of mixing to restore healthy genetics and morphology to dogs, which are really wolves that were domesticated more than 30,000 years ago.

  • PlainsPup

    Crossbreeding in general is good, and genetics-wise better than pure-breeding. However, I agree that it’s a shame to mix everything with a corgi just because “short legs look cute.” Dogs are domestic wolves, and like wild wolves they require long legs to prevent back problems and stay active. It’s sad to see healthy, wolfish dogs like huskies reduced to dwarves just because some people like corgis. For shame.

  • PlainsPup

    Outcrossing is better than pure-breeding because it reduces inbreeding. But again, you can’t reverse 20 generations of bad breeding practices overnight. There are really two issues here. One is genetic diversity, the other is normal morphology. You can have a normal, wildtype looking dog with genetic disorders if he is inbred. But beyond that, you can also have highly altered breeds with short faces, legs, etc., all of which are actually pathological. The healthiest dogs are the ones that retain wolf-like traits, i.e. wildtype working and sporting (assuming they are not inbred). All others have been excessively altered by man. You can’t necessarily reverse this with one mixing. The greater the inbreeding and alteration, the more mixing is required to restore dogs to a healthy, more wildtype state.

  • PlainsPup

    I’m sad to see powerful dogs like huskies, labs, and collies reduced to dwarves by crossing them with corgis. Mixing is necessary for good genetics, but we should be preserving dogs with healthy body types, not shrinking them down.

  • lynden55

    just this past summer I lost my beloved Cori/Heeler mix. He made it to 17 years old and until his last 10 days we walked over a mile every day. Staying active was never an issue for him. He just showed up at my door. I had been unaware of Corgis. He looked too long and low to me at first. I got over that very quickly. Corgis are far more than “wolfish dogs reduced to dwarves”. The breed is remarkably intelligent, admirably independent and loyal at the same time. I am rural and that dog was a garden partner keeping rabbits, squirrels and other rodents from decimating my crops and keeping pack rats out of my outbuildings. All my neighbors have mice but they never dared come in my home. He learned very quickly that even if other dogs chased the horses HE DIDN’T. He was bit on the short side but no one told him and he had the heart of a big dog. He was remarkably gentle, affectionate and was never a barker. He learned so quickly instructing him once or twice about something was usually lesson learned.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion but there is no shame in liking the breed and after you know one well it is hard to think of them as having been “reduced”.

    When I am done mourning my next dog will be a Corgi mix.

  • deborah lee

    Actually, hybrid vigour, different from a hybrid (such as a mule – horse-donkey cross), refers to genetic variation even in the same species (plant or animal). It is used frequently in meat animals for exactly that – hybrid vigour.
    Poodles and other animals that are highly “line bred” for one trait such as a consistently curly coat, develop associated genetic problems. I doubt that they will be bred out due to this close association with traits specifically bred for.
    While true that crosses bred for the current market aren’t necessarily better than the average pure bred, there is more genetic variability.
    Breeding for purity often originated with loyalty and high status peoples. It was seen to relate to lineage and the ideology of purity. Breeding for function often results in a better dog, such as shepherds breed in Eastern Europe. They’re not selected for the exaggerated hip slope evident in North American Shepherds. Also, they not as prone to the “Sire of the Year” syndrome that AI (artificial insemination) and shows produce. It’s the same with other animals bred for limited traits like size, color, or milking ability, such as Holsteins.
    Those breeds bred for these specific traits are having many more problems due to extremes of appearance increasingly demanded. It does affect functionality.
    Poodles, for example, have different issues with hips which is why they have a distinctive way of relieving themselves. Sight hounds often have sensitivities to anesthetic due to their metabolism.
    Breeding breeds for defunct purpose makes less sense than breeding a dog for what it’s purpose often is – as a pet.

  • deborah lee

    With all the dogs killed in pounds every year, including purebreds, we’re not likely to run out of dogs anytime soon. They’re not likely to be an endangered species on the planet anytime soon. Bashing what PETA does as way to respond is a cop-out. There’s no one representing themselves as PETA here and the approach you’ve presented is scare-mongering … and ignoring the unnecessary suffering – sometimes by highly regarding show breeders themselves that keep their animals in cages.
    Not a story, but direct evidence. I’ve witnessed the treatment of various species of animals for years, and it’s increasingly getting worse as people become more desensitized.
    The current behavior of humans is draconian! Especially so focused on appearances – to the point where some breeds are only delivered by cesarean, and have multiple health problems all their lives.
    You sound so concerned about your fear of “no dogs” that you disregard the welfare of animals – at least going by your reflexive comment. .
    Being in touch with animals, and their welfare is quite the opposite of divorcing them from people. Doing something for the benefit of our own species to the detriment of another is often considered parasitism, or competition.
    It will require human intervention. Not ideological escapism, defensiveness, and denial.

  • deborah lee

    I doubt that the laws in California prohibit any breeding.
    You sound more worried about a mythical “lack of dogs”, which we’re not close to experiencing anywhere in the world. .
    It is evil to allow indiscriminate breeding when dogs are dying daily.
    Kennel Clubs are complicit in this when they do not provide a required standard of care, insist on guaranteed returns, and register puppy mill breeds sight unseen.
    Responsibility, not abdicating by positing extremes is the answer. By breeders as well as the average citizen.

  • deborah lee

    i agree. Many people buy a pure bred, or fashionable mixed breed mainly for the money they imagine can be made. Most legitimate breeders know that doing it properly – not breeding females every heat, medical care, vet screening, and making sure there’s a temperament match between the dog and person know there’s not really much money in it.
    Buying up purebreds ensures a continued market for indiscriminate breeders as well as the legitimate ones.

  • deborah lee

    I’m not sure if you’re as aware as you think you are. Crossbreeding is frequently done intentionally – particularly in puppy mills. That’s why there are so many “designer breeds”.
    I agree with what you’re saying about a simple cross-breed versus a mutt, and the genetic problems with overbreeding.

  • deborah lee

    Many mutts come from long lines of crossbred dogs, so it depends on the dog population you’re referring to. Most dogs came from working “mutts” to some extent, since original selection was for working dogs. Many of the breeds we see for show, would not survive in the original conditions they were bred for due to excessive coats, narrowed muzzles. Limited gene pools due to popular sires contributes to these problems. It doesn’t take a geneticist to observe increasingly prevalent problems with animals more extreme in phenotype that relates to genetics.
    Many of the dogs I’ve seen breaking down are not working dogs at all, but they are pure bred – improved upon endlessly according to show standards and demand for larger size – with associated problems. There are several breeds that have the show lines and the working lines that are breed for completely different characteristics. Some don’t even look like the same breed, like the English Setter (show vs. field), or Irish Setter vs. Red & White Setter.
    As a dog walker, most of the dogs I would see were pets, and there were plenty of problems. Since there is a higher ratio of pure bred dogs around than there were 20-30 years ago, the increased rate of genetic problems, bleeding disorders, behavioral and neurological disorders has increased.

  • deborah lee

    “Pugs are so inbred that although there are 10,000 in Britain, their DNA could come from just 50.”

    Wow! This is an example of how much more severe inbreeding is with pure breeds. Popular sires or lines get favored in shows, which artificially select for the most popular with show judges rather than the healthiest. Pugs are often being bred with shorter noses than in the past.
    The short life cycle of dogs allows for significant changes in a short period of time – often promoted according to politics and the most recent trends.

  • deborah lee

    “trying to keep EVERY SINGLE DOG OR CAT from mating is almost inhumane in itself.”

    It’s actually not inhumane to prevent breeding when it will most likely result in the death of the offspring during the first year of its life – when most dogs get left in shelters.
    Also, neutering males and females reduces ovarian, mammary and testicular cancers.
    Preventing behavior problems with animals driven by hormones, also reduces the likelihood they’ll end on “death row” in a kill shelter, in a fight with another dog, or hit by a car due to wandering.

  • deborah lee

    I’m definitely with you on this. Bleeding disorders, heart problems, issues with bloat due to exaggerated deep chest, pushed-in faces, dogs that aren’t able to give birth due to large head size, giant breeds that expire early, long-backed dogs …. all seem like pretty cruel and crazy things to saddle an animal – that we supposedly love – with.
    Personally, I prefer dogs with regular bodies (full leg length), their own tail, upright ears, and full muzzles. Most of the dogs I see with what I consider genetic deformities, I imagine what regular-sized dog they would be crossed with to correct these mutations!

  • deborah lee

    I do very much like the personality and many of the characteristics of the corgi breed. There’s nothing wrong with accepting a dog as it is. There is something wrong when we breed dogs whose mutations create a greater incidence of health or behavioral issues.

  • Rashelle Ruby Lovell

    #4. Corgi/Basset Hound Looks like a pure bred Piebald Dachshund to me!

  • Dog lover

    I couldn’t even read the entirety of your post due to your inane argument. What I will say, however, is that the reason mutts tend to be healthier, and thus more desirable, is due to the fact that they aren’t inbred like pure bred dogs.
    Pure breds are inbred to keep the desirable traits going, but in breeding is dangerous for obvious reasons. That’s why it’s taboo for humans. You don’t get genetic diversity if you aren’t mixing up the gene pool!!
    Also, with labradoodles and general poodle mixes, how can you not see why people want them?? They’re hypoallergenic, which is the main reason, and easy to maintain. People want cute dogs, and they might not find a poodle aesthetically pleasing. But, if they want all the perks of having a poodle and the cuteness of another dog, it makes perfect sense to just mix them!
    And thus, your argument is invalid.

  • easyez19

    soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nojuan Especial


  • angel

    my puppie is all black and is a corgie and beagle mix

  • lelli

    the corgi x german shepherd id the cutest ever x

  • Didi Magnin

    Wow, the corgis maleS certainly got around

  • Abby

    As someone who trains guide dogs and other service dogs, I can definitely say that’s not true. Labradoodles are still being used.

  • SG123

    Pretty sure #4 is a Dachshund/Beagle mix…

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  • Larry Oates

    I have a 6 month old corgie/husky mix that we rescued from the pound. He is an amazing dog. Not to bog and not too small. Lovable personality, but will make his presence known if a stranger makes a sudden movement toward his pack. This guy has me wrapped around his furry little heart. If you get the chance to own such a unique and special dog do so. Your life will be better for it.

  • Lincoln Paradox

    These are puppies all from the same sire.

  • Cormac McMullan

    I have a 7 yo Corgi/terrier, the most beautiful well behaved gentle dog.
    Over the past few months she is developing what seems to be sore joints ???, she limps when she rises from a rest or after a long walk. however she seems to walk it off. I fear there may be some arthritic pain in her hips. she has been to the vet 4 times in the past 4 months with scooting and itching and some rash under her belly. After 2 courses of Cortisone and one course of antibiotics, she is now on a course of antihistamine. Can anyone offer some advice. Cormac

  • Roz

    If PETA really did care about animals well being they would run no kill shelters instead of killing 99% of the pets that enter their shelters…

  • Roz

    But genetically speaking the puppies will have a chance to inherent all of the flaws and none of the benefits of being a mutt, it’s not as likely as being averagely healthy but it’s just as likely as they will only get the best of both worlds…

  • sushicat

    Oh man so many of these are so CUTE! Golden Retriever/Corgi has to be my favorite!

  • Anne S.

    Mine’s a Corgi-Samoyed…odd, but cute.

  • Anne S.

    (Don’t know why the pic uploaded sideways!)

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  • bob

    I think that the corgi/pug is the cutest

  • Matt Tucker

    The Corgi/Aussie is most definitely a mix and not Cardigan; she’s from a breeder in Oklahoma. Mom was a purebred Corgi and dad was a purebred mini Aussie (blue merle). She’s laying next to me on the couch as I type this, so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  • Katmandu

    How did you find so many other breeds to cross with a single sire? Are you a puppy mill? I have had many dogs in my life and all were rescues. They were mutts or crosses not this ” designer” dog crap. I presently have a corgi aussie mix or so I’m told. I got this wonderful girl after several other homes. She is about the best dog I ever had. I agree with the person who said there should be no breeding until we have good homes for all the great dogs already out there. I always get my animals fixed but always have multiple pets because others don’t. If you are a responsible pet owner and you really love animals do the right thing and get them spayed and neutered.

  • Adono

    I want the corgi/australian shepherd so bad

  • Pie

    The what are we to do with all the purebred dogs? Leave them to rot with the breeders?

  • Jenna Martinez

    I have the cutest little corgi/Saint Bernard!!

  • DOGE

    My chihuahua mix corgi is so annoying but nice.

  • KU

    Corgi Blue heeler mixes. Happy accidents!

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  • shell

    We recently Said goodbye to our 18 yr old corgi x Australian terrier he died if old age disease cognitative dysfunction(doggy dementia) his size more Aussie terrier but looks colour of a ,I corgi ,I’ve not seen similar mix either for a long time we miss him dearly forever in our hearts little man.

  • the X-Longhaired dachshund looks almost EXACTLY like my late boy Shaggy who was a blue merle austrailian shepherd / short hair dachshund… dog math is weird

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  • anonymous

    Sorry to interup but do you guys think that corgis and pugs are the same size?

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  • stelz

    That’s called anecdotal evidence. You’re talking about three dogs out of billions.

    The oldest dog on record is an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey who lived to be 29. This doesn’t prove that Aussies are the longest-lived dogs. Most of them live to be 12-15, ideally.

  • stelz

    Short faces and legs originated with naturally occurring mutations, rather than being the results of inbreeding. Chow Chows, for instance, are one of the ancient breeds, and are brachycephalic. Prehistoric dog skulls excavated in Russia were from massive animals that had shortened snouts and widened palates (Sablin and Khlopachey 2002).

    The problems come in when dogs are bred irresponsibly. RESPONSIBLE breeders do genetic testing for various disorders that their breed is vulnerable to, as well as breeding for general health, conformation and temperament. There are huge differences between these dogs, and purebreds from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

  • stelz

    And geneticists have traced humans to one woman in Africa. Does this mean we are all “inbred”? */rhetorical*

  • stelz

    Those sweet mutts are the result of people who who let their intact dogs run loose and breed indiscriminately.

    I can adopt a mutt, or two, or four for that matter, but I can’t pick up ALL the pieces. Nor can you, or the rest of the dog loving population. Dogs reproduce too much, and too quickly for us to keep up.

    If I had an irresponsible, alcoholic husband or boyfriend that I constantly tried to care and cover for, I would have a codependent disorder. This isn’t much different.

    While it does tear my heart out to know that millions of dogs are euthanized because there aren’t enough people to take them in, picking up after the childish, ignorant people who allowed them to be born and then dumped them, while being hostile to responsible breeders who are setting a good example is NOT the answer.

    Carefully selecting the parents, with a good working knowledge of genetics, canine health, temperament and breed conformation is the IDEAL.

    Responsible breeders deserve our support. They’re doing things right.

  • stelz

    I’m a vegetarian and my next dog will be from a breeder. Pfffft. 😉

  • MiLisa Gaertner

    In order to get the corgi short leg trait should the corgi be the female or male? Does it matter?

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  • Debra Bailey Stewart

    What is a Corgi Pomeranian mix called?

  • Kim Allen Stull

    Any thoughts on what this might be? I thought corgi/sheltie?

  • OAO2

    You cannot ignore the huskies with their unique traits. Quite an awesome breed . See more ideas here

  • Sylver

    What kind of corgi mix do I have? Got him as a rescue dog but not sure what he is.

  • Sylver

    I’m having trouble figuring out what type of dog I have. I think hes a corgi mix, I’m just not sure with what. Any ideas?

  • Nameless

    Some shelters are not shelters but buckets of excrement and torture chambers for those poor animals, So yeah, those should be disappeared.

  • Nameless

    thank you so much for such beautiful post.

  • Nameless

    No, PETA’s goal is not to divorce animals from people but only to get people to respect them and treat them with decency. That’s all. Just as Peta points to, Animals are not our properties, clothes, shoes or handbags. If you hurt them they scream and suffer, if you cut them, they bleed just like us, etc. they are personable, intelligent independent, creatures, with their own likes, dislikes and tendencies. And as such, they are individuals within their own rights. And what do Individuals have? they have Fundamental Rights!! Anybody who does not see that needs help. As far as dogs not existing without man’s help. That is absolutely false. Give them 2 or 3 generations, and they’d go back to the wild, where they have first been domesticated out of. We need them but they don’t need us.

  • Nameless

    Did you know that some of the so called “rescuing shelters” sell some of the animals “they rescue” to labs to be experimented on?
    If I were one of them, I know I’d rather be put to sleep, than be given (back) to one of those gangster for fee, so they can screw me beyond recognition, some more, ….while people like you think “I have been rescued”.
    There is An Ocean of Difference between the Act of Rescuing an animal, and the Verbal or Written Uttering of its pretense….

  • Nameless

    All guide and service dogs have the potential of being distracted and not just the poodles. People are always trying to molest them and what not. And as the beautiful loving animals they are, they tend to respond and that distracts them from their duty. I’ve seen this time and again with service dogs that are not poodles.

  • Nameless


  • Laura Wesoff

    These freaks elevate the Corgi but seriously diminish the other breed.

  • Jennifer Marquess

    My dog…comes from seriously mixed up genetics. Her father was part Cardigan Corgi and her mother…might have been a shepherd mix or some type of coydog, with a skinny body and super long legs. Somebody obviously had husky genes, but I couldn’t tell you who. (My neighbors were nuts to breed her parents, but I’m glad they did. Lucy didn’t take a shelter dog’s home. She filled a spot in my family I didn’t know I had.)

    Anyway, Lucy’s father had the short legs. Lucy’s legs are a little longer than her father’s were, but she’s smaller than he was overall, in keeping with her mother’s body size. Pretty sure all the pups were short legged.

  • Jennifer Marquess

    Lucy’s parents. You can’t really see her father’s legs in that picture. It’s the only picture I have of them.

  • Jennifer Marquess

    I know I’m five years too late to reply, but yes. People are no good at spotting more than two or three breeds in a mixed dog and even then…I’ve been told our Doberman x Yellow Lab (mother, Yellow Lab and father, Doberman–an oops breeding when two college age brothers went home for the holidays with their pets) is a pure bred of some hunting breed hound and I don’t know what I’m talking about. (Except that I met the parents…)

    Shelters and rescues try, but it’s far from perfect.

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