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  • goat_reunion

    Missing Baby Goat Is Reunited With His Worried Mother

    After being stolen from his mother at the Great American Petting Zoo, 3-week-old baby pygmy goat “GusGus” was miraculously found in a ditch by the side of a road. Apparently having been dumped there by some heartless person. This is the magical moment baby GusGus is reunited with his worried mom. More

  • horse_grass

    Neglected Carriage Horse Is Overjoyed To Roll Around In The Grass

    This beautiful horse is called Bobby II. He’s a former New York City carriage horse who was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Carriage horses usually live in unnatural conditions and suffer from neglect and abuse before they are no longer of use and shipped off to a slaughterhouse. Here you see Bobby on grass for the […] More

  • seal_whale

    Seal Takes A Ride On The Back Of A Whale

    While on a whale watching tour off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula a group of people caught a seal having some fun riding on the back of a whale. What an amazing thing to capture! More

  • cat_water

    Cat Gets His Revenge On Food Stealing Geese

    While enjoying a nice day in the park, a group of geese and ducks stole this cat’s snacks! That’s when kitty gets his revenge on the thieving birds with a little help from his inventive owner! More

  • dog_walk

    Disabled Little Girl Walks Thanks To Her Amazing Service Dog

    11-year-old Bella Burton was born with Morquio syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects her bones and greatly limits her mobility. She’s undergone multiple surgeries and myriad therapies, but the little girl still struggled to walk on her own, always requiring crutches or a wheelchair to get around. But all that changed after Bella met George […] More

  • kitten_pounce

    Sneaky Kitten Pounces On Doggy Friend

    Anyone who owns a cat, knows they like to have fun their own way, something this dog just found out about! The sneaky ninja kitten fights to its strengths and pounces and jumps all over the fearless dog. But don’t worry, this is one pup who doesn’t mind and can hold his own during a play fight. More