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  • 2015_teddy_bear_toss

    28,000 Teddy Bears Get Thrown Onto The Ice During A Hockey Game

    Here’s something to restore your faith in people. Last weekend in Canada, the Calgary Hitmen minor league hockey team held their annual “teddy bear toss” game. In the 2nd period, Jordy Stallard got the first goal of the contest for the home team. Which was the signal for plush toys to be tossed on to the […] More

  • kitten_snow

    Family Saves A Miracle Kitten Found Frozen Stiff

    A nearly dead kitten found frozen stiff in the snow on Thanksgiving day was rescued thanks to a quick thinking family. Branden Bingham took his children out to play in the snow when his son tripped over a lifeless kitten. Branden’s brother scooped up the freezing kitten and sprang into action. He spent an hour […] More

  • cheeky_panda

    Playful Panda Just Wants To Have A Good Time

    It’s quite clear that this panda’s only goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. This panda conservation in Japan provides a safe place for the playful little guy to roam and cheekily defy his caretakers! More

  • fox_cats

    Fox Interacts With Two House Cats

    When a wild fox approached a window the two house cats sitting insight just looked at him, as if it were a scene straight out of a Disney movie. An incredibly magical moment! More

  • prairie_dog_stuck

    Couple Frees A Prairie Dog Stuck In A Hole

    A kindhearted couple was driving when they saw something moving around in the middle of the road. When they got out to investigate they saw a prairie dog that was just a bit too big and was struggling to get out of his hole. After some quick thinking they managed to free the poor thing…who […] More

  • shy_bulldog_costume

    Rescue Dog Dealing With Anxiety Finds Comfort In A Turtle Costume

    Found in a trash can, and plagued with many medical conditions, Lily, an English bulldog, is extremely timid and carries around a lot of anxiety. She barks at everything, including trash bags, and is never at ease. However, when she puts on the turtle costume, she turns into a different dog. It’s truly amazing to […] More

  • This cat has the cutest purr.

    This Cat Has The Cutest Purr In The World

    Tribble the cat has the cutest purr in the world. A sweet, sing-song trill that is both amusing and heartening, especially considering it emanates from an 18-pound male who wants nothing but love and treats. Watch the video below to hear his entrancing sound. You can read Tribble’s story here and find out why he […] More

  • autisitc_boy_and_dog

    Adopted Rescue Dog Helps Autistic Boy In An Incredible Way

    The Hickey family knew something was different about their son Jonny and were advised to have evaluations. Their boy was diagnosed with autism. It was a difficult time for the entire family. But everything changed when the mother saw a news story about a neglected and abused dog named Xena. She followed the dog’s progress […] More

  • puppy_walks_again

    Paralyzed Puppy Rescued From The Trash Learns To Walk

    Born with Swimmer Puppy Syndrome, this poor dog’s owner wanted nothing to do with her anymore and heartlessly threw her in the trash. That was until a kind woman noticed the trash bag moving around and decided to immediately check it out. She took the dog home and named her Harper. More