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  • Kind Man Rescues A Tiny Frozen Bird With The Warmth Of His Breath

    On a frigid New Years morning in Idaho, a farmer found a tiny bird frozen to a metal fence. Nelson Miller, from Caldwell, found the small bird struggling to fly away while he fed his horses. Writing online, he said: “I noticed a solitary sparrow perched upon the steel fence near the water tank. The […] More

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    Incredibly Cute Before And After Photos Of Dogs Being Told They Are Good Boys

    Every dog I’ve ever met loves being told that he/she is a “good boy” or “good girl”. Recently, pet owners around the world started taking pictures of their pets, before being called a “good boy” and a second after. The evidence in these photos proves that all dogs absolutely LOVE it, but some other furry animals […] More

  • Abandoned Cat With 2 Pounds Of Matted Fur Gets A Much Needed Haircut

    These shocking photographs show a neglected calico cat named Hidey with matted fur forming ‘dreadlocks’ on her body. The pictures of the overweight feline, who belonged to an elderly man with Alzheimer’s, were posted on Facebook by the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They said the poor cat was brought to their clinic after her […] More

  • This Woman Needed A Hiking Buddy, This Is Who She Ended Up Hiking With

    Is there anything better than connecting with nature through a good hike? Sadly not everyone has adventurous friends willing to hit the trail for a day or two. One woman’s answer to that problem is just the cutest. She got a bunny friend to be her hiking partner! The two companions had some great adventures on […] More

  • Mom Turns Baby Daughter Into A Cute Elf On The Shelf

    At only 9 months old, Esme Cope is too young to understand the magical concept behind the famous ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Christmas decoration and toy. Instead, her parents decided to make her an elf and post a photo of the their daughter in a new location every day. Her Mother Gabi Cope, who is a […] More

  • 13 Cute Pictures Of Happy Dogs Who Really Love The Beach

    The beach is always a guaranteed great time…especially if you’re a playful dog. Unlike their human friends, pups never worry about sand or seaweed getting stuck in their bathing suits. They just dive right into the waves (regardless of how cold the water might be) or bury their snouts as deep into the sand as […] More

  • Baby In A Lion Costume Comes Face To Face With A Real Lion

    These adorable pictures show the moment a toddler dressed up in a lion costume meets a real life lion, through the safety of a thick window, of course. The aww-dorable scene was captured at Zoo Atlanta. The toddler’s godfather, Cami Fanning, posted a video of the meeting on YouTube and it went viral. He writes: “My […] More

  • Every Christmas, This Photographer Makes Stunning Holiday Cards Starring His Dog

    Peter Thorpe is a photographer based in Bristol U.K. who started a great little Christmas tradition 20 years ago. For his annual holiday card, he began using the most unlikely of models, his dogs. For the yearly, festive cards, he transforms his dog into various Christmas scenes, often dressing his pup up as different animals. He started […] More

  • 16 Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

    When the holiday season rolls around, so do holiday parties. And you know what that means, right? Silly/ugly Christmas sweaters! Christmas sweaters are notorious for being itchy, scratchy and just generally horrible. They’re also famous for being rather uncomfortable and quite horrendous. But that’s kinda what makes them so much fun! Well. Fun for us […] More

  • 12 Animals Who Really Love The Brushy Brushy

    Everyone loves getting a little love and affection with a good pampering. These animals below are no different. They all love the good feel of a brush. So here are 12 animals getting maximum euphoria from a little brushy brushy. 1) A good brushy makes a happy goat. 2) Brushy brushy drowsy drowsy sleepy sleepy […] More