Buttons the Puppy and Kitty the Kitten are BFF

The age old saying ‘fighting like dogs and cats’ has been dispelled by a pair of unlikely friends at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home (the Old Windsor branch, in Berkshire in the UK).

At just weeks old, Buttons the puppy and Kitty the kitten were both abandoned from a very young age and are now being hand-reared together. So close is their bond that they sleep together, play together and even feed together.

Battersea Veterinary Nurse Sascha Taylor says:

Normally we’d hand rear puppies and kittens separately but we thought we could try putting them together as they are both so young. Luckily it’s paid off as they adore being with each other and do everything together – it’s really very sweet. Hand-rearing them is hard work – I have to feed them every two hours, even throughout the night – but it’s totally worth it. We’re not sure if they’ll be re-homed together, though it would be great if they did!

Here are Buttons and Kitty looking cute together:

Catching some Z’s together:

Taking a ride on the hand-o-copter together:

Finding the comfiest spot available together:

High-fiving each other:

Having a spot of lunch together:

Sharing some gossip together:

Doing the Conga together:

Playing Leapfrog together:

Attempting a piggy-back ride together: