Boxes Are People Too (18 Pictures)

Singapore photographer Anton Tang offers us these adorable insights into the lives of Amazon parcels. Now that’s what I call thinking outside the box!

All pictures by Anton Tang.

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  • Jennifer

    omg i saw these little box people and they just made my day <3 they are amazing and the photographer is amazing and has talent that i wish i had 😀 im impressed and i love these pics 🙂

  • taffi

    OMG!!! these things are so cute i just want ot squeeze them to box death. i want to know how to make them..

  • Kim

    Such cute photos!!!

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  • Caroline Cooley

    I want to have one if it was alive! There soooooooo cuite

  • Dylan Hopkins

    i love box people
    i think they are so cool
    do you think you can get them with headphones on please

  • Sweetspy_yuni

    so cute..(^_^)

  • Blquimba

    We all just just love your little people!
    especially the little ones love to come to your site.

  • flying-bacon-waffle-ninja

    i love the tiny box men/women i think they are adorable! does anyone know how to make them?

  • one direction

    They are so cute! I wonder how to make them. That would be nice to have a few!

  • ana

    U should totally send me one

  • intan

    what name of this box

  • Me

    How do you make them?…. if you can.