Girl’s Puppy Birthday Surprise Ends With Something So Much More

Shelby had been wanting a dog for a while, so her boyfriend promised that he’d get her a loving puppy friend for her birthday.

When the day finally came, she waited anxiously for her dream puppy to be in her arms…little did she know she’d soon be crying with joy for two very different reasons.

Just when Shelby picks up her little pup, she hears four words that are about to change her life forever. “Read her name tag,” her boyfriend says. But Shelby is so wrapped up with her bundle of joy that she doesn’t even realize what’s really going on. “Read her name tag!” he says again.

When Shelby saw the message, she immediately burst into tears. But then, who wouldn’t in such a special, unexpected moment?

How sweet was that? That’s one birthday I’m sure she’ll never forget!

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