Bear Takes First Steps Of Freedom After Living In A Cramped Cage For 10 Years

Freedom is something most of us know and do not often appreciate enough.

It’s something most of us have never lived without, it’s something that we’ve had and just understood to be a normal part of our lives. But for animals, freedom is not always guaranteed, even if these beautiful creatures are meant to live free in the wild.

Lily the bear has been living at a roadside zoo in Maryland for the last 10 years. Stuck in a tiny cramped cage too small for comfort she was constantly stepping in piles of her own waste on the cold concrete floor. Animal experts said she was morbidly obese due to lack of exercise so that’s when PETA stepped in, urging the zoo to retire her to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where she could live happy and healthy in nature.

Watch as Lily takes her first steps of freedom.

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