Driver Saves A Frightened Baby Horse And Reunites It With Mom

This intense animal rescue video is guaranteed to make your heart skip a few beats.

Driving down a road, a motorist saw a baby horse running around aimlessly in the middle of the rural road. The little guy was either abandoned or lost, but the man couldn’t tell what had happened. Where was his mother? How did he get here? As he pulled up to the baby, though, the poor horse was belting out fearful sounds.

Thankfully, the amazing man behind the wheel jumped out of his car and brought the frightened foal to safety on the side of the road. Using all of his strength he lifted the baby up and over the barrier into the loving hooves of his mother.

Running back to his family, you can almost hear mom breathe a sigh of relief. That’s what we call a real hero – helping someone in need without a moment’s thought!

Would you have done the same?