Baby Elephant With An Injured Leg Learns To Walk Again Thanks To Hydrotherapy

After getting her leg caught in a hunter’s trap, a baby elephant was in danger of losing the appendage.

The injury caused her to lose part of her foot and she started to refuse to put pressure on the area, so vets decided she’d need to relearn how to walk.

The method to help Fah Jam, whose name translates to ‘clear sky,’ is hydrotherapy. She’s learning how to walk again by getting in a swimming pool!

Veterinarian Padet Siridumrong said Fah Jam, who is now six-months-old, was showing great signs of improvement following her initial water-based exercises.

Fah Jam is the first elephant to receive hydrotherapy at an animal hospital in Pattaya, Thailand, a few hours from Bangkok.

The goal is to strengthen the withered muscles in her front leg, which was wounded three months ago in an animal trap laid by villagers to protect their crops.

“By her fourth or fifth sessions she will enjoy swimming more. She’s just a baby, that’s why she’s a bit scared at first but, by nature, elephants love the water,” Padet said.

The treatment could take up to two months, he added.

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