Baby Dik-Dik Antelope Born in Zoo

That lil’ thing is rockin’ the faux-hawk look






Standing at only a few centimetres tall, this tiny newborn antelope is already making a big impact at Chester Zoo.

The Kirk’s dik-dik antelope is the first of her species to be born at the zoo since its parents eloped from Colchester and Hannover in 2008. She is being hand-reared by keepers after cold weather apparently put paid to her mother’s maternal instincts.

Native to Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia, the dik-dik gets its name from the noise it makes when running for cover.

The unnamed youngster will be bottle fed milk five times a day until she is big enough to munch on a diet of buds, shoots and fruits.

But this big addition to the zoo will rarely dwarf the other animal attractions, at least not physically – even at the height of her 10-year life, she’ll only stand at a tiny 40cm tall.