Amazing Family Portrait of Border Collies

This family picture is less cute and more stunning and majestic. A Reddit user successfully got three generations of a family of Border Collies to sit for this picture. The result has a surprisingly Lord of the Rings White Council feel.

“And five rings were given to the Dog Lords, who above all else, valued loyalty, and tennis balls.”

From left to right: Nuu (daughter); Jalo (distant relative); Oodi (mother); Vanu (grandmother); and Veli (son).

Source: Reddit.

  • Mia

    They are Rough Collies though, not borders, but they are all really pretty ^^

  • Danielle Flores

    Those are Collies, not Border Collies.

  • Nicky

    Perhaps fix the tags to reflect the fact they’re Rough Collies, not Border Collies? They look totally different.

  • Anonymous

    Yep. Just Collies, like Lassie, only tri color and blue merle instead of sable & white. The Rough that people keep mentioning, refers to their coats. Smooth Collies are the same breed, only have short hair.