A Tiny Wingman

A true wingman always takes one for the team, so his buddy can live the dream. It’s no different in the hamster world.

  • scott


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  • scott

    just did some research, turns out its not fake

  • Pinky

    How come the hampster can hold a flower without clamping its paw? and how come the outline of the leaflet looks so weird?


  • Pinky

    even weirder, the leaves of the flower are out of focus, while the fur of the hampster (at about the same distance) is in focus.

  • Erin

    Who cares if it’s fake? It’s cute.

  • Mallory

    Cute, but more attention to detail needed on the photoshop. The hamsters aren’t holding the flower, the stem, or each other. And the stem they’re hanging from isn’t showing the appropriate tension.