11 Different Types of Cute Kitten Hugs

1) The I’m Sorry I Lost Your Favorite Toy Hug.

2) The He’s All Mine Hug.

3) The Stacked Hug.

4) Do the Conga Hug.

5) The Pat on the Back Hug.

6) The Please Don’t Ever Grow Up Hug.

7) The Lazy Sunday Afternoon Hug.

8) The Bear Hug.

9) The Sharing a Dream Hug.

10) The What Are You Looking At Hug.

11) And Finally, The I Desperately Need a Hug, Hug.

  • Vienna

    They are all adorable! Love ’em!

  • Laura

    The first photo is from The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, and since I don’t see any credit for them, you’ve clearly borrowed it without permission. Please respect the work of other people on the internet and ASK before using their photos!

  • Deb Mason

    love the conga hug